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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Final ticket replacements for Eurovision 2014 now shipping out

Final ticket replacements for Eurovision 2014 now shipping out

| On 29, Mar 2014

Changes in the venue on Eurovision Island, B&W Hallerne, meant that the already purchased and shipped tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 had to be cancelled, pending replacement.

The changes have now been finalized and the official ticket dealer Billetlugen has begun shipping out the new tickets, which should arrive within one or two weeks, no later than April 7.


Equal or upgraded seating replacements

The changes mean that people who had bought tickets in the first or second rows have been moved up, as these rows could have provided a restricted view.

Everybody else have been placed as close as possible to their original seats determined at the purchase, within the price categories. For those where this was not possible, the tickets have been upgraded to a better category with no extra charge, no one has been downgraded.

Billetlugen has also attempted to place previously separated people together, tickets that were bought by the same person, with the new tickets

Tickets for each show will ship in individual envelopes.


Cancel if not satisfied

Billetlugen allows you to cancel your tickets no later than April 14 if you are not happy with your new seating placements.

However, the broadcast second Semi-Final, the Jury Final, the Family Final, and the broadcast Grand Final have all been sold out, so there is no option of getting new and better tickets for those shows.

Questions can be directed at Billetlugen customer service, which can be contacted at +45 70 263 267 or (Open weekdays 10:00 to 17:00 CET.)

A help desk will also be located at the venue on Eurovision Island, photo ID is required for help with tickets.



The venue

Floor plan March seating chart map


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