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ESC Reporter | January 24, 2018

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First rehearsals, part 3: Serbia, Hungary, Belarus, Russia

First rehearsals, part 3: Serbia, Hungary, Belarus, Russia
Emma Kiernan

Today was the second day of first rehearsals in Vienna and another eight countries took to the Eurovision stage for the first time.

In this article, we take a look at the first impressions of the performances of Serbia, Hungary, Belarus, and Russia.



Bojana stands out in a shimmering silver dress. Her dancers are dressed all in white, carrying white flags. At the key change, the dancers remove their white outfits and reveal new outfits. The background LEDs resemble the ones from the Greek performance, a circle of lights, which begin flashing at the key change.





Boggie is dressed in a simple maroon dress and similarly to her A Dal performance she is accompanied on stage by four backing singers. The graphics behind Boggie show a black and white tree, which changes to colour near the end of the performance.





Maimuna stands to the right of Uzari in a flowing white dress as she plays the violin. There are no backing performers for this performance. The graphics behind the duo during the song’s chorus resemble lightning bolts, while the LED’s in the front of the stage are orange in colour.





Polina looks amazing in a low-cut white dress. She stands in the middle of the stage, surrounded by her two backing singers and a band. The graphics behind Polina show swirling blue lights and more lights are projected onto Polina’s dress. Polina delivers an outstanding vocal performance.




Stay tuned for part four!

Part one: Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, Netherlands

Part two: Finland, Greece, Estonia, Macedonia


Photo: Andres Putting / EBU

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