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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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First rehearsals, part 6: Malta, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic

First rehearsals, part 6: Malta, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic
Emma Kiernan

Earlier we reported on the first impressions of the first four acts that had their rehearsals today.

In this article take a look at the first rehearsals of Malta, Norway, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Below you will find short video clips of these four countries’ first rehearsals in Vienna.



Amber delivers a powerful first performance. She is wearing a long black dress as she belts out “Warrior”. The graphics behind Amber show swirling flames. The LEDs at the front of the stage are orange. Amber appears on stage unaccompanied.





Norway use simple lighting for their performance. The background screen is plain blue. Debrah wears a stunning white structured skirt and matching top. Mørland wears black pants, a white t-shirt and a white jacket. Mørland and Debrah are alone together on stage.





Leonor’s voice is much stronger than in the Portuguese final. She wears black leather pants, a glittering black top and a black cape. Her four backing vocalists are wearing large black hats. Lots of blue and silver spotlights shine on the stage. The background graphics show images of buildings.




Czech Republic

The Czech duo are dressed in all black and Marta is barefoot. They both give powerful vocal performances. Clouds and what look like large sheets of glass are used on the screen behind Václav and Marta. The LED’s at the front of the stage are purple. There are no backing performers in this performance.




Stay tuned for part 7 tomorrow!


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Photo: Elena Volotova / EBU

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