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ESC Reporter | December 17, 2017

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First rehearsals, part 7: Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland

First rehearsals, part 7: Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland
Emma Kiernan

Day four of rehearsals took place today in Vienna and, this time, nine countries took to the stage for their first rehearsals.

Here, we will take a look at the first rehearsals from Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan and Iceland.



Israel’s performance mirrors the official video for “Golden Boy”. Nadav performs the choreography seen in the video, along with his three dancers.  He is also joined on stage by two backing vocalists. Nadav wears a black suit with a waistcoat and a tie and, of course, golden shoes. The LEDs switch between several colours throughout the song.





Red and white lights shine on Aminata and her three backing vocalists. She is wearing a red fishtail dress as she stands at her microphone delivers a great performace of “Love Injected”.





Elnur is joined on stage by two dancers dressed in black and white, one of which was a winner of So You Think You Can Dance? UK. The dancers tell the story of the song through interpretive dance. Elnur delivers powerful vocals. The graphics depict a moon and bare trees. The LED’s alternate between red and blue.





Maria is dressed in a short pink dress and she is barefoot. She delivers great vocals at her first rehearsal. She is accompanied on stage by five backing vocalists, all dressed in black. The graphics behind Maria show a midnight sky and mountains.




Stay tuned for part 8!

Part one: Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, Netherlands

Part two: Finland, Greece, Estonia, Macedonia

Part three: Serbia, Hungary, Belarus, Russia

Part four: Denmark, Albania, Romania, Georgia

Part five: Lithuania, Ireland, San Marino, Montenegro

Part 6: Malta, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic


Photo: Thomas Hanses / EBU

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