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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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First rehearsals, part 8: Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Slovenia, Poland

First rehearsals, part 8: Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Slovenia, Poland
Emma Kiernan

The first rehearsals for the second semi-final of Eurovision 2015 have concluded.

Here, we take a look at the last five performances of the day from Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Slovenia and Poland.



As we have previously reported, the animated stick figure that accompanies Måns on stage is now a chubbier version. Måns wears the same outfit from Melodifestivalen, a grey sweater and black leather pants. Red LED’s are used for Sweden’s performance.





Mélanie looks stunning in a shimmering white dress and a cape. Her four backing singers play drums behind her. A glittering purple forest can be seen in the background as Mélanie delivers a powerful performance.





In a very simple performance, John stands alone on stage. He wears a black suit. A smoke machine is used lots of small lights can be seen in the background.





Maraaya’s staging is exactly like the staging of their EMA performance. Marjetka wears the same white dress and she and Raay both wear their trademark headphones. Raay sits at a piano to the left of Marjetka. A backing performer plays an imaginary violin. White strobe lights are used throughout the performance.





Monika sits in her wheelchair in a flowing white dress. She is joined by a man playing a piano and three backing vocalists dressed in white. The background graphics show purple orchid trees and flowing pink ribbons.




Stay tuned for part nine of the Big 5, Austria, and Australia on Sunday!

Tomorrow, the first open rehearsals begin and the countries of the first semi-final get to rehearse for the second time. This time, the press will be allowed in the arena to film and take pictures.


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