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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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First rehearsals, part 9: Big 5, Austria, Australia

First rehearsals, part 9: Big 5, Austria, Australia
Emma Kiernan

The first rehearsals for Eurovision 2015 concluded today when the Big 5 countries, along with Austria and Australia, took to the stage for the first time.

Below we take a look at the first rehearsals of Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.



Dressed in black suits, Il Volo delivered a simple yet flawless performance. Behind Il Volo is a background of various Italian statues. The lighting is very simple.





The Makemakes’ rehearsal is similar to their performance at the Austrian final. Lead singer, Dodo, begins the song sitting at a piano before standing up and moving to the middle of the stage to perform the rest of the song. He wears the same hat he wore at the Austrian final. Only a few yellow lights can be seen in the background.





Edurne delivers a powerful performance. She is wearing a long red dress with a cape. During the performance her red dress is torn off by a backing performer, revealing a glittering silver dress underneath. The graphics behind Edurne resemble bubbles, swirling in front of a desert background, reminiscent of the one seen in the official video for “Amanecer”.





Wearing a black jumpsuit and a large silver belt, Ann Sophie delivers one of the strongest vocal performances seen at the first rehearsals. The background graphics, of course, show black smoke. Ann Sophie is joined on stage by four backing vocalists, standing in front of large orange lights.





Lisa wears a purple and black dress and delivers a strong performance. Her four backing performers dressed in white play their individual drums. The background shows a demolished city with bare trees and rubble.





In Australia’s first ever Eurovision rehearsal, Guy wears cream pants, a black jacket and tie and a hat. He is accompanied by four dancers, all wearing different costumes. Australia uses lots of lights in their performance. The background shows several street lamps.




United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s performance is similar to the one seen in the official music video for “Still In Love With You”. Bianca wears a short pink dress and the two female backing performers wear matching purple dresses. Alex wears a black suit and the two male backing performers wear black pants, white shirts and suspenders. A staircase has been erected on the stage as part of the British performance.




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Photo: Elena Volotova / EBU

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