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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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FO&O, Lisa Ajax, Boris Rene, and Anton Hagman to the Final of Melodifestivalen

FO&O, Lisa Ajax, Boris Rene, and Anton Hagman to the Final of Melodifestivalen
Kevin Lee

After four weeks of Melodifestivalen, eight acts have come to Linköping to compete one last time for a spot in next weeks finals in Stockholm. With last week fresh in mind, all eyes and media were still on Loreen.

The Results 

Duel One

FO&O vs. De Vet Du

The duel of the boy bands, FO&O against De Vet Du. The biggest changes came to FO&O's act where they got rid of the rising platform to focus more on clear shots of their faces. Both acts had tightened their performance, with FO&O having a stronger performance choreography wise, and Tor stepping up for De Vet Du and being more comically visible, including a Ha Dou Ken. It was FO&O won the duel and advanced.    

Duel Two

Axel Schylström vs. Lisa Ajax

Both contestants being veterans of Idol brought it in their first outing and did the same tonight. Idol is a great training ground for artists to go through, teaching them how to perform under pressure, and how to perform for the cameras. The improvements were more superficial, so this would basically come down to what type of song Sweden would want to advance. In the end, Lisa Ajax advanced to Friends Arena.

Duel Three

Boris Rene vs.  Dismissed

Another two acts who nailed their first outing, both Boris and Dismissed continued to impress with their respective entries. Dismissed although having improved their staging at the start still looks more comfortable when they have instruments in hand. Boris on the other hand is always such a positive and genuine force on stage. Sweden decided to send Boris Rene to the finals.  

Duel Four

Anton Hagman vs. Loreen

Two more artists, well deserving to continue on in the contest hit the stage. There were some minor changes to Loreen's staging with lighting and positioning which made the visuals a lot more clear. Anton delivered another great performance for his song, but in the end this was just a choice of what kind of song Sweden would send forward, a typical easy listening safe sound, or something different, edgy and aggressive. Sweden chose Anton Hagman who will continue on another week.  

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