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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Fourth Eurovision Weekend in Berlin is a success!

Fourth Eurovision Weekend in Berlin is a success!
Emma Kiernan

On the weekend of July 17-19, Berlin’s fourth Eurovision Weekend took place. Nearly 200 fans from all over Europe went to Berlin to be part of what has become an annual event and watched DQ (Denmark 2007), Ann Sophie (Germany 2015), and Kirsten Siggaard (Denmark 1984, 1985, 1988) take to the stage at the Pfefferberg.


Welcome to Ann Sophienclub

On Friday night, the welcome party took place at the Sophienclub, which organizers renamed as the Ann Sophienclub for the event, in honour of the German representative at this year’s Eurovision, and one of the guest stars of Eurovision Weekend. Ann Sophie baptized the club with a bottle of sparkling wine. Fans then enjoyed the party, singing and dancing to their favourite Eurovision songs.


Fans sing for fans contest

On Saturday, at the stage of Haus 13 at the Pfefferberg, a “Fans Sing for Fans Contest” was opened with a cover of “In a Moment Like This” by DQ and karaoke host José. After ten performances, Alice from Sweden was declared the winner with her rendition of Jill Johnson’s “Kärleken är.”

In second place were Tim and Florian with “Grande Amore,” and in third place was Martin singing “One Thing I Should Have Done.” All three of the winners were given tickets to this year’s Eurovision Cruise between Tallinn and Helsinki as their prize. After the karaoke contest took place, the much anticipated concert began.


Danish Eurovision legend Kirsten Siggaard performs

First to perform at the concert was Kirsten Siggaard, who had represented Denmark at Eurovision in 1984, 1985, and 1988. She sang all three of her Eurovision songs, as well as two songs that she had competed with in the Danish finals of 1986 and 1987. Kirsten then sang the Danish entry for Eurovision 1989, Birthe Kjær’s “Vi Maler Byen Rød,”  the United Kingdom’s 1967 winner “Puppet on a String,” and a Danish version of Edith Piaf’s “Non , je ne Regrette.” Finally, Kirsten performed a duet of Norway’s Eurovision 1985 winner “La det swinge” with DQ.

Kirsten Siggaard berlin


Encore from Ann Sophie

Next up to perform was Germany’s representative for Eurovision 2015, Ann Sophie. She performed her Eurovision song, “Black Smoke,” two songs from her new album (“Changing Lights” and “Get Over Yourself”), and the song that she performed at Germany’s Club Concert this year, “Jump the Gun”. Ann Sophie also performed a cover of The Makemakes’ “I’m Yours,” before returning to perform “Black Smoke” once again as an encore.

ann sophie berlin


Eurovision hits from DQ

The final performer was the Danish representative for Eurovision 2007, DQ. She dazzled the guests with a set list full of Eurovision covers and of course, costume changes. As well as performing her own song “Drama Queen,” DQ also performed “La La Love,” “Energy,” “Glorious,” “Every way That I Can,” “Only Teardrops,” “My Number One,” and a medley of Carola’s songs. After her performance, DQ said that the audience at Eurovision Weekend was the best she had ever had.

dq eurovision berlin


Party into the night

After the concert, fans were given the chance to take photographs with the artists and continue the party on the dancefloor of the Pfefferberg Pool Lounge until 4 am.

eurovision party floor berlin


The Weekend concluded on Sunday, with a German-Danish brunch at the Sonntagsclub. At the brunch, winner of the Berlin Song Contest, Merlin Dietrich, performed for the guests.

“Again Eurovision Weekend was a big success,” said organizer Salman Tanzeem. “We are already looking forward to next year’s Eurovision Weekend!”


Photos: Eurovision Weekend Berlin

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