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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Georgia's five finalists revealed

Georgia’s five finalists revealed
Emma Kiernan

After an unsuccessful attempt at reaching the final in Copenhagen last year, the five acts to participate in Georgia’s 2015 national final have been revealed by broadcaster, GPB. The acts will compete in Georgia’s national final on January 14.


See the Georgian acts below:


1. Edvard Meison

Edvard Meison


2. Eter Beriashvili

Edvard Meison


3. Misha Sulukhia

Edvard Meison


4. Nina Sublat

Edvard Meison


5. Niutone

Edvard Meison


The songs that these acts will compete with will be revealed on December 31. Music videos for the songs will be aired between January 1 and January 14.

The Georgian final will be live from Tbilisi on January 14. The winner will be chosen by a 50/50 combination of votes from an expert jury and public votes. The winning act will go on to represent Georgia at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in May.

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