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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Globen in Stockholm to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!

Globen in Stockholm to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!
  • On July 8, 2015

For the past few months, several Swedish cities have submitted their proposals to national broadcaster SVT for how a Eurovision would be hosted if they were chosen.

Now, SVT has revealed that they have chosen Stockholm and Globen to host Eurovision 2016!


The entire Globen area

It is not just Globen Arena itself, but the entire Globen area which will be used next year in May. The shows themselves will be hosted in Globen, which is the arena’s second Eurovision hosting, following Eurovision 2000. Globen has an audience capacity of 16.000, but the final number will be determined following stage design and camera placements.

The press center will be located at Hovet, a smaller hockey arena next to Globen, built in 1962. The delegations will be hosted at Annexet, the smallest arena on the Globen area, also next to Globen.


Tele2 Arena will also be used

Since Sweden won Eurovision in Vienna, it was rumored that SVT had favored using the newer and much bigger Tele2 Arena, which is also located on the Globen area. At first, scheduling complications ruled the arena out, but the parties involved later stated that they would be willing to move.

While Globen has now won the show, Executive Producer for Eurovision 2016, Martin Österdahl, stated that the Tele2 Arena will be used on the night of the final. “The jewel of the crown is the possibility to make Eurovision even more powerful for the night of the final by incorporating the Tele2 Arena in the event,” he said to

It is not mentioned exactly how this will work, but it is stated that the main stage will be located at Globen for the semi-finals, and the Grand Final. But all four arenas, Tele2, Globen, Annexet, and Hovet, will be used for a shared event at the same time.


A small Eurovision city

As seen in the below view from Google, the complex will form a small Eurovision city, convenient for everyone involved.

view globen area complex stockholm

Two subway stations are located nearby, one directly next to the area, with the highway passing right by. The press center and delegations are sit right next to Globen, with the Tele2 Arena, not yet constructed in this view, just below. The Globen shopping mall is also just next door.


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The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 takes place on May 10, 12, and 14, in Stockholm, Sweden. Tickets will go on sale before the end of 2015.


Photo: SVT / EBU

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