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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Henrik Lindstrand composes the 2014 Eurovision soundtrack

Henrik Lindstrand composes the 2014 Eurovision soundtrack
  • On April 12, 2014

The theme song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, “Rainmaker,” was created by last year’s winner Emmelie de Forest.

Now it has been revealed that the Swedish member of the successful Danish rock band Kashmir will be behind the soundtrack of the contest, composing the music we will hear throughout the shows.


An experienced musician 

Henrik Lindstrand was born in Göteborg, Sweden, and has studied at the Rhytmic Conservatory in Copenhagen. He is most famous for playing keyboard in the Danish rock group Kashmir, but is also an experienced composer and producer for many established artists.

Additionally, Henrik Lindstrand is no stranger to composing theme music for movies and documentaries.

The composer compares the process of creating the 2014 theme to composing music for movies. “To me, the process reminds me a lot of composing movie music. There’s a lot of different wishes that I have to fulfill,” he said to


Dramatic, celebratory, energetic

Back in the fall, DR had requested a theme that was dramatic, celebratory, and energetic, ultimately choosing the proposal of the Kashmir member. “One of the reasons my work was chosen is that it’s so simple. I have tried to avoid overcomplicating it. Often it’s the simple idea that works the best,” he said.

It is this theme, called “Main Theme,” that will create a cohesive experience of the three shows. 40 different versions have been made so far, with 10 for the postcards. “We have to hit some different moods with the postcards. One should be melancholic, another more romantic, and a third very strict and electronic,” the composer said.

The theme contains orchestral music, which has been performed by the DR Symphonic Orchestra, with electronic elements added. “It adds something really special with a real orchestra. It’s a wonderful experience to work with them,” Henrik Lindstrand said.


We have most likely already heard the theme music, as DR have consistently used the same track in most of their Eurovision 2014 promo material. It uses orchestral music, combined with electronic elements, and is definitely dramatic, celebratory, and energetic as DR requested.


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