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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Hersi Matmuja's continued success in Italy

Hersi Matmuja’s continued success in Italy

It has been a risky mission, but when it comes to Christmas, everyone deserves a Christmas carol.

This is why Alfredo Santolocci, the headmaster of the Santa Cecilia music conservatory, proposed to the Ministry of Defense a project which would give to the Italian soldiers in Lebanon, not just one Christmas carol, but a whole concert with the Santa Cecilia instrumentalists and the soprano, Hersi Matmuja.



You may remember her as the representive of Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, but in the last months, she has had a lot of concerts to perform as a lyrical singer. In this concert, though, Hersi and the instrumental band of Santa Cecilia performed classical pieces, and also jazz, and Napolitan songs to make the soldiers feel as they were having Christmas home. In the end, they all together sang the Italian national anthem.



It was the best way to celebrate Christmas, according to Hersi Matmuja, and also the musicians of Santa Cecilia. The Ministry applauded this initiative and the performers were very enthusiastic. Even though the risk it came with.

The group was sent to Lebanon with maximum security, under the protection of the military who escorted them while flying in a C130-Hercules, which is as strong as it sounds, kind of plane. Then they were taken to Shama, and performed a first concert at the Tiro Theatre at 12:00, then, the musicians were sent to the military base of Shiro, to hold a concert for the soldiers, after the Christmas dinner.

The colonels, commandos, and officers of the military group in Lebanon shared their enthusiasm with the Santa Cecilia headmaster and musicians, who, themselves took a lot of positive emotions. Hersi documented this unforgettable experience through photographs, which show the happiness in the faces of everyone, something that only music can cause, in a military base in the middle of Lebanon.

Hersi also did a concert on December 14 called “Music for heart” with the biggest singers of Italy:  Francesco De Gregori known as “Il Principe dei cantautori“, Danilo Rea (Italian Jazz musician, graduated from Santa Cecilia). Hersi also sang her Eurovision entry “One night’s anger” together with jazz orchestra.


Another success of Hersi in Italy is her other concert in “Piazza Spanga” in Rome on July 1 together with the legendary Ennio Morricone.


And also should not forget that Hersi will be the special guest of OGAE Germany on January 24 in Munich together with ex-Eurovision participants, Krista Siegfrids and Ray Caruana.


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