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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Hungary is ready for A Dal 2016

Hungary is ready for A Dal 2016
Alvaro Sanabria


Hungarian broadcaster, Duna Media Service Provider Ltd, is ready to welcome back A Dal, their national selection process that has been successfully used since 2012 to select their representative.

The concept of the show will remain the same: the contestants have to submit their entries until November 25, 2015.  The selected songs to compete will have to compete for a place in the final show.  The finalist will be chosen from a combination of both an expert jury and televoting.

Among the rules to participate in A Dal 2016, the contestants must be Hungarian, speak Hungarian or to record the song with a musician who complies with this rule.  Nevertheless, it is not mandatory to submit a song in Hungarian, provided the contestants hand in a translation of the song.

In addition, the contestants  are required to have already released an album or a single on television or radio which would narrow the possibilities for new acts to participate in A Dal.  The acts should be available to participate on different promotional events organized by MTVA and must work together with MTVA.

Boggie represented Hungary during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 held in Vienna.



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