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ESC Reporter | February 21, 2018

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Il Volo wins Sanremo and will go to Vienna!

Il Volo wins Sanremo and will go to Vienna!
Emma Kiernan

Last night, Italian music festival Sanremo, concluded. The winners, operatic pop trio, Il Volo, will go on to represent Italy in Vienna this May.

After a vote from an expert jury, a demoscopic jury and television viewers, the top three acts progressed to a super final where Il Volo were chosen as the winners.

As winners of Sanremo, Il Volo have been invited to represent Italy at Eurovision 2015. It has been confirmed that Il Volo have accepted this offer and will indeed represent Italy in Vienna.

It is not yet known if Il Volo will perform their Sanremo song in Vienna or if a new song will be chosen for them to perform.

The full list of results from Sanremo is below:

  1. Il Volo – “Grande amore”
  2. Nek – “Fatti avanti amore”
  3. Malika Ayane – “Adesso e qui”
  4. Annalisa – “Una finestra tra le stelle”
  5. Chiara – “Straordinario”
  6. Marco Masini – “Che giorno è”
  7. Dear Jack – “Il mondo esplode”
  8. Gianluca Grignani – “Sogni infranti”
  9. Nina Zilli – “Sola”
  10. Lorenzo Fragola – “Siamo uguali”
  11. Alex Britti – “Un attimo importante”
  12. Irene Grandi – “Un vento senza nome”
  13. Nesli – “Buona fortuna amore”
  14. Bianca Atzei – “Il solo al mondo”
  15. Moreno – “Oggi ti parlo così”
  16. Nesli – “Buona fortuna amore”


The best arrangement award was given to “Fatti avanti amore” by Nek while the Mia Martini Critic’s award was awarded to Malika Ayane with “Adesso e qui”.

You can listen to Il Volo’s Sanremo song, “Grande amore”, below.



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