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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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Interview with Kitty Brucknell: Swiss Eurovision hopeful!

Interview with Kitty Brucknell: Swiss Eurovision hopeful!
Iain Cameron

Ahead of the Swiss national selection process, we were keen to talk to one of the participants. We have previously reported that Switzerland’s national selection was open to both artists from Switzerland and abroad. Therefore, we contacted Kitty Brucknell who is hoping to represent Switzerland from the United Kingdom and she was more than happy to talk to us!



Hi Kitty, thanks for joining us today. Could you start off by telling us a bit about yourself? 

Hello! My name is Kitty Brucknell and I am famous because I did the X Factor in 2011. I was really weird on the show; I did lots of really big performances and that sort of thing. It was definitely an exciting experience for me but I’ve taken the time to really work on my music and I’ve got this track called “Yearning” and we love it and thought it would be perfect for Eurovision so that’s what we’re going to do!


How have you found the journey from competing in X Factor to releasing your debut album?

It’s been a really great experience for me because I’ve been able to take the time to look at what I’ve been doing and work on my music. I worked really hard and I wrote quite a lot of songs for my album. I wanted to make a great album and hopefully next year I’ll be able to commercially release it so I’m quite excited!


What is your first memory of music?

I was brought up on classical music. I used to listen to Classic FM in the car and my parents used to take me to a lot of concerts. I used to go and sit and listen to big orchestras and that sort of thing so that’s my first memory of music, it’s really random! The first CD I ever bought was Boyzone, I told Louis Walsh that and he laughed his ass off!


When did you start singing?

Oh my gosh! I’ve been singing ever since I could talk. I loved music and loved singing and performing. Since I was three or four I would make up little plays in the house and stuff like that!


Are you a fan of Eurovision and, if so, which entry is your favourite?

I’m a huge, huge fan of Eurovision. I’ve always wanted to be on that stage! Probably Euphoria is my favourite one and I really liked The Netherlands’ entry last year as well. I’m definitely a big Loreen fan, I’ve got her album and I think it’s amazing.


What drew you to competing in the Swiss national final for Eurovision and have you ever considered representing the United Kingdom?

I’m in a really difficult position, because I did X Factor the BBC won’t let me compete in the UK national selection. This isn’t an official thing but I heard through the grapevine that they wouldn’t entertain an X Factor act representing the UK when they have The Voice and the BBC basically pays for that so it would be a conflict of interest. Because I just did the X Factor and they have basically taken away the opportunity for me to represent the UK. Because Switzerland has opened their platform up to anybody from any country, I can fly the flag for Switzerland and fly the flag for the UK. It is notoriously difficult to get past the judges because they are understandably going to be bias towards Swiss artists but I really, really want to give this my best shot so if I can get the most votes then I think I stand a really good chance. I can prove to them that people are voting for me!


Do you think you are prepared for the Swiss national selection process?

There are two worries for me. First of all is that somehow, someone is going to cheat on the voting platform. When things are done online there is always some hacker that is going to know how to do it so that really frightens me. Also, because everyone else is really, really good and they are really great songs but I just really, really want it!


Do you know how well you are doing at the moment or is it a closed vote?

It’s closed so I have absolutely no clue, that’s why I am scared of people cheating. Hopefully it will be okay and I just want to get as many people voting for me as I can because it’s so important to me.


kitty yearning


What aspects of your song, ‘Yearning’, do you think makes for a good Eurovision entry?

It’s really theatrical. It’s got a really good beginning, middle and end. I think that’s really important because in your three minutes you have to tell a story in a song. It sort of goes up, then down, then up, then down again. It has a nice arc to it, it’s really theatrical, it’s really dance-y, it’s really catchy, and it makes you want to wave your hands around in the air! I love ballads, a ballad is always good but sometimes it can be a bit…mmm. You can sing a ballad really well but a dance song is always like uhuh! If I get through to the national final I’m going to do something nobody has ever seen before on stage… I am literally going to take it to the next level so that’s what I’m promising people. I swear to god you are going to have the most theatrical, insane stage performance ever in the national final! 


I’m glad you mentioned that because on X Factor you were known for your very elaborate and attention-grabbing staging. Can you give us any details on how you want to stage your entry?

I have this really cool idea for actual Eurovision. I know that you do the VTs (postcards) to show the different countries and there is a really good sequence in the film Divergence where a girl zip-lines across the city. I thought it would be really cool to do the postcard of me zip-lining around Switzerland and then at the very beginning of my performance, I would zip-line onto the stage so I would be literally zip-lining through the screen, into the arena and onto the stage!


Do you have any worries about any media attention that might focus on you back in the UK?

I feel like if I got through to Eurovision and did really well, I would hope that the UK would go “Oh, we can do well! We can have an artist do well!” and maybe that would help the UK. I feel like we’ve got stuck in a rut and we don’t really take it seriously which is a real shame. I think Switzerland really cares about their artists and I really want to fly the flag for Switzerland, I think that would be awesome!


What did you think of the UK entry this year?

I feel that when it came to this year’s performance she just sort of stood there and sang it and they didn’t promote it a lot. They did promote it a lot in the UK but there is no point in doing that because we can’t vote for ourselves, they need to promote it in Europe where they can vote for us. I feel that the UK expects votes because it is the UK. A lot of countries put their best singers into Eurovision. Why aren’t we putting Adele into Eurovision? Why aren’t we putting One Direction or Rita Ora or these big artists into Eurovision? I want to change things up.


Before we finish up, is there anything about yourself that we don’t already know that you can tell our readers?

I made a film when I was 19 and I took it to a film festival and it won lots of awards. I directed it and I wrote it. It’s really random and it’s nothing to do with music, I just made a film! It’s on YouTube and you can watch it. I’m really proud of it, it was fun! I wrote a book as well and it’s out right now. I love writing, I feel like I want to write a book about how to do X Factor or something along those lines, I’ve got a lot of ideas!


Thank you very much for talking to us today Kitty and best of luck going forward in the Swiss national final!


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