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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Interview with Lena Zatkoska: 2015 Macedonian hopeful

Interview with Lena Zatkoska: 2015 Macedonian hopeful
  • On November 12, 2014

Lena Zatkoska, a participant in the Macedonian national final “Skopje Fest 2014” with the song “Alo,” answered our questions about her song in Skopje Fest and herself.



Hi Lena! Thank you for speaking with us!

Can you talk us about yourself, when you started you music carrier?
I was born in Melbourne, Australia and have lived there till 3 years ago. I have been singing and dancing from the age of 4. My career in Macedonia started in 2005 when I sang “Tuka sum svoja'”(This is where I belong) at Makfest. Since then I have sang and have been interested in many different Macedonian festivals like Makfest and Ohrid fest. I was on X Factor Adria. I have sung at the Sydney Opera House. I love dancing and singing. Before I came to Macedonia, I finished my studies in the performing arts and came here to do what I love in my mother country…


What do you feel about being part of Skopje Fest?
It’s my first appearance at Skopje Fest…I’m excited, I usually sing ballads, but this year I have a funky song…cannot wait!!!


How have you decided to submit a song for Skopje Fest?
I wanted to sing last year but because of X Factor being on at the same time, I didn’t make it… also Skopje Fest is one of the oldest and greatest song competitions in Macedonia. It is an honor just to sing and the festival.


Can you talk us about your song? How it was created and what do you hope to portray?
My team consists of Vladimir Dojcinovski, a well respected composer here in Macedonia. Like I said earlier, I usually sing ballads but we discussed that it was time for something different, so we created “Alo” (Hello). The text is written by Risto Samargiev, although we all had input on the theme of the song… it’s about a boy and girl..and the guy keeps calling and annoying the girl on the phone…its really a funny, funky song..I love it!! I’m sure everyone else will too.


Can you give us a little secret about song?
No secrets, the song is a funky soul type song.. there’s dancing and singing and just a whole lot of fun!!


What are your plans about performance in SkopjeFest?
For Skopje Fest as well as singing, I’ll be dancing…we’ve nonstop been rehearsing and this whole experience has taking me back to my university days.


Did you see the list of participants in Skopje Fest, and what do you think about it?
I did and there is a lot of Macedonian young talent which I’m happy to see.


Which are your future plans, if you’ll represent Macedonia in Eurovision?
To work hard and represent Macedonia and show something new…whoever represents Macedonia in Eurovision has a lot of hard work ahead of them..


What do you think about Eurovision? Are you an Eurovision fan?
I love love love Eurovision, and have not missed a single show since the age of 4. I’d wake up at 3 am in Australia to watch it live on satellite tv, and then watch it again when they showed it on normal TV in the evening. Eurovision has been my dream and goal since I can remember and nothing would make me prouder than to represent Macedonia…if I get the chance now it would be an honor, and if not, believe me i will not give up.

Which Eurovision song of Macedonia you like?
Tose Proeski and Vlado Janevski, although I can’t say that I’ve been too happy with Macedonians song selections over the past.


What do you think about last year’s winner Conchita Wurst and her song?

Good on her, amazing vocals strong performance and loved the emotion in Conchita’s voice.


Do you have a special message for our readers?
Life is hard! Work hard and never give up…no matter what you want you can do it…believe in yourself and don’t let people put you down!!! NEVER GIVE UP.


Thank you again for your time, Lena!

Lena Zatkoska will participate this week in Skopje Fest 2014.


Photo credit: Lena Zatkoska Facebook page

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