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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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Interview with Lidija Kočovska: 2015 Macedonian hopeful

Interview with Lidija Kočovska: 2015 Macedonian hopeful
  • On November 10, 2014

Lidija Kočovska is a participant in the Macedonian national final “Skopje Fest 2014” with the song “Sunshine Through Clouds” (Sonce niz oblaci), a duet with Marijan Stojanoski.

We were fortunate enough to get to borrow a little of Lidija’s time and ask her a few questions.


Hello Lidija, thank you for talking to us! Can you talk us a little about yourself?
My music career started a long time ago, when I was very young, at the age of 4. My first appearance on the stage was at a children’s festival. Then, I continued attending other festivals as a teenager. When I was 13, I attended the Yugoslavian national contest for Eurovision in Novi Sad. Together with my family, my back vocals (my parents and my sister, also musicians and great singers). We were representing TV Skopje that time.


How do you feel about being part of Skopje Fest?
Like at home. I have been a part of Skopski Festival from 1991, so I feel very relaxed.


How did you decide to submit a song for Skopje Fest?
Submitting a song was an idea of the authors. After the song was finished, Maja Pavlovska, an author of the lyrics and my close friend, a Macedonian who lives in Holland, contacted me. It was a great idea. I accepted the song because of its quality as well as because of the great team which is standing behind the song, like a “trademark”. Of course, also, my special respect to my friend and colleague with whom I am performing in duet, Marijan Stojanoski, one of the best male vocals in Macedonia.



“I hope that the audience will be touched by the emotions that me and Marijan will try to portray”



How was your song created and what do you hope to portray?
About how was the song “Sunshine Through the Clouds” created, it is better to ask the authors. As I mentioned above, we sang a demo of already finished song for the contest opened by Skopski Festival 2014, and later on we were informed that it has entered the final of 20 songs for the national song contest, from about 200 songs submitted to MRT. I hope that the audience will be touched by the emotions that me and Marijan will try to portray in those three minutes on the stage. And I don’t doubt that it will happen, because we both felt the story from very first moment when we heard it and we’re really enjoying the interpretation.


lidija kocovska


Could you give a little description of what the song is like?
This is a combination of mixed rhythm… Actually a pop ballad with a nice rhythm. A great song, music made by Trajce Stavrevski, wonderful lyrics by Maja Pavlovska, arrangement by Ljupco Trajkovski – Fis . In a short, an excellent music package! I can only tell you that the message of the song “Sunshine through the clouds” is “hope for a brighter future,” represented by the love story of a couple.


What are your plans for the performance at Skopje Fest?
I don’t have any plan. For me, and also for my partner on stage, Marijan, is to enjoy the interpretation and the spontaneity of the feelings that we both have. That`s the only plan that we have, to send the unique message and to show the real emotions of the song.



Did you see the list of participants for Skopje Fest, and what do you think about it?

I have seen the list of attendants, but I haven’t heard the all songs, because the rehearsals were divided in two different groups. From everything that I heard by now, I am very positive, there are good songs in this Skopski Festival 2014, and also young performers with good vocal possibilities.



“The song “Sunshine Through the Clouds” has the unique message – HOPE”



Which are your future plans, if you’ll represent Macedonia in Eurovision?
The song “Sunshine Through the Clouds” has the unique message – HOPE. So let`s hope that we will represent Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. And of course, the plan is to represent our country as best as possible.


Are you a Eurovision fan yourself?
I respect Eurovision like a great European music festival. As I remember, from very young, Macedonia has watched the Eurovision Song Contest, even the years when we didn’t send a representative. On each contest, there is something specific that remains in the memory of a certain year, the attendants or songs, or stage…. Anyway, it is a great music event and like an attendant at other international festivals many times, I guess that Eurovision Song Contest is a great place for attendants from many different countries, to get know each other better and party together.


Which Eurovision song from Macedonia do you like?
I would say the best Macedonian entry was 2004, Tose Proeski “Life.”



“My favorite was The Netherlands”



What do you think about last year’s winner Conchita Wurst and her song?
Conchita had a great performance, but honestly, my favorite was The Netherlands and I was a little bit sad that it finished second.


Do you have a special message for our readers?
Thanks to all followers of the ESC Reporter! Blessings and always HOPE for the best!


Lidija Kočovska, thank you for answering our questions, good luck in Skopje Fest 2014.

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