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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Linda Halimi talks Festivali i Këngës, Eurovision, and herself

Linda Halimi talks Festivali i Këngës, Eurovision, and herself
  • On December 14, 2014

Linda Halimi, aparticipant in Albanian national final for Eurovision “Festivali i Këngës” with the song “S’të fal,” answered our questions about Festivali i Këngës and herself.


Hello, Linda! Thank you for speaking with us!

Would you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hi, My name is Lindita Halimi :) I am an Albanian artist from Kosovo, and I have been on stage singing, since the age of 7. Now, I live in the USA and I am working on my EPK and I am almost done. I have performed all over Europe and USA and sang duets with legendary people such as Stevie Wonder, and many, many great Grammy-winning producers and artists.



“It’s absolutely an honor for me”



How do you feel about being part of Festivali i Këngës? 

It is a privilege considering the fact that this festival is a tradition in the Albanian music industry and only the best live performers get to sing here. It’s absolutely an honor for me.


How did you decide to submit a song for Festivali i Këngës?

Well, honestly it was the break that I took for two years. Since I moved to the USA, I never went back to my home audience with a new song, so I thought about it, and decided that I should bring something new to my supporters. And my song gets promoted first in a major level: LIVE in a grand festival such as Festivali i Këngës…!



“I had so much fun”



How was your song created, working with Albanian producers, Zzap & Chriss?

Everything went on through Skype haha :) They did the beat, proposed it to me, I listened to it and loved it, I wrote the lyrics and melody and sent the demo back. They liked the work that I did, so then I recorded my final vocals here in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and submitted the song to the festival directors…Everything flowed naturally and I had so much fun doing it. I thank Zzap & Chris for this beautiful song, because they never go wrong.


Could you give us a little secret about your song “S’të fal”?

I can only say it has a lot of energy!


What are your plans for performance in Festivali i Këngës?

I am ready, I have been rehearsing the song live over and over and I believe I am ready to take the stage. I will let you all see the rest when I show up on stage.


Did you see the list of participants? What do you think about it?

I did see the list, and I think they can all sing and are unique in their ways and wish them all the best of luck.



“Wherever I perform live in festivals and shows,
I tell them proudly where I am from”



Which are your future plans, and what if you’ll represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest?

I have a lot of plans and I am constantly working..I have to travel back to USA right after the festival because my first single will drop there and I have to be present for my appearances and shows there, so I can’t really stay that long in Albania even though I really want to…I miss my people and speaking Albanian in general Haha :) Oh what if I am chosen to represent? It would definitely mean so much to me, being able to represent my country worldwide. I mean I do it everyday here in USA. Wherever I perform live in festivals and shows, I tell them proudly where I am from. We are a great nation and have so many talented artists and I am always proud to show that around the world.


Is Linda Halimi an Eurovision fan?

Of course I am. I love the energy and the adrenaline in this festival…


Which Eurovision song from Albania do you like?

Hmmm, I think all our entries were good, I personally love Rona’s entry and of course Juliana Pasha :) Two amazing artists..!



“I look up to people that are bold, daring, unique”



What do you think about last year’s winner Conchita Wurst and her song?

I look up to people that are bold, daring, unique, and I am a big supporter of Conchita Wurst, not to forget to mention her amazing great talent and she killed that performance!


Do you have any message for our readers?

Yes, if you would like to know more of my daily musical experiences go to my Instagram and follow me on Youtube .. I have some big surprises coming at the beginning of 2015 and I will exclusively post all the experiences first on my Instagram page, @iamlindita.


Thanks again for you time, Linda!


Linda Halimi will perform in the first semi-final of Festivali i Këngës on December 26.


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Photo: Linda Halimi Facebook / Fadil Berisha

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