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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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Interview with the Maltese entrant, Amber

Interview with the Maltese entrant, Amber
Eric Nocito

With less than a month since Amber’s victory at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, we got the chance to speak to Amber, the 2015 Maltese Eurovision representative.

Amber touched on her reaction to the victory, her song, and her future plans for her Eurovision participation.



Hello, Amber! Thank you for joining us!


You are a veteran at MESC! How did you decide that you would compete for the chance to represent Malta at Eurovision for the 5th time?

I regard the MESC as the largest platform for artists in Malta, and so naturally I had to participate in this event once again.



Tell us what your song ‘Warrior’ is about.

“Warrior” is a motivational message to which anyone can relate. It is meant for anyone who is going through or has been through a tough period in life. It relates to anyone who is facing obstacles which seem to be difficult to overcome. It is meant to give people that extra motivation to conquer their fears and anxieties.



“I believe that a song should be tailor-made,
and not simply handed over.”



Did you have any involvement in the writing of the song?

Yes, I was present during the writing process of the song as well as all the other stages involved in developing the song. I believe that a song should be tailor-made, and not simply handed over.



Who are your musical inspirations?

My all-time favourite music inspirations are Etta James and Beyonce. I simply love how passionate they are about their music.



Lots of MESC veterans took part at MESC this year, as well as Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak as a writer. Who did you see as your main competition?

The level of potential winners was very high this year. I regarded every participant as a competitor, since every performance was of a very high standard.



“I am truly grateful for the Maltese public
who have believed in me”



You received the most possible points you could have at Malta’s national final. How did it feel to get so much support from the public and the judges?

Receiving the highest possible points from the juries was definitely something I wasn’t expecting. Furthermore, I am truly grateful for the Maltese public who have believed in me and gave me their total support and entrusting me with representing them in the Eurovision in Austria. I feel honoured to say the least. It is now my duty and responsibility to ensure that I represent and honour my island nation in the most professional way.



Your staging at MESC was very simple, with just you on stage, dressed in black. Are you planning on changing your staging for Vienna?

It is too early to say. The team is currently discussing a number of options. We will choose together the staging that we feel will give the audience a performance to remember. What one must keep in mind is the message of the song.


amber warrior promo malta



Will the arrangement of “Warrior” stay the same for Vienna?

Certainly having the national final at such an early stage gives the team ample time to work on the song. At the moment we are still coming up with a number of options to improve the whole package.



Conchita Wurst performed at MESC this year. Did you get to meet her?

Yes, I did meet with Conchita at the MESC, however very briefly. I admire her, she could find time to speak to all the contestants before the show to augur them a lot of success.



Are you planning on visiting any other European countries to promote your song in the run up to the contest?

It is not clear yet what marketing and promotion we shall use this year. I will leave this decision in the hands of the marketing team at Eurovision Song Malta. Join the official facebook page of Eurovision Song Malta to keep up-to-date.



You did background vocals for Kurt Calleja at Eurovision 2012 in Baku. How was your experience there?

Being chosen as a backing vocalist with Kurt Calleja in Baku was an extraordinary experience. I got the opportunity to work with an amazing team, and to get a closer glimpse of the Eurovision, especially what goes on in the background, what happens in the weeks preceding the ESC, the actual ESC week, the media, the staging and the direction. It is surely an experience which I will always remember.



Ever since I was a young girl,
I would always watch the Eurovision”



Are you a fan of Eurovision? Do you have any favourite songs from past years?

Ever since I was a young girl, I would always watch the Eurovision. My absolute favourites in the Eurovision which weren’t Maltese entries are the Spanish entry “Dancing in the Rain” by Ruth Lorenzo and Loreen’s “Euphoria.”



Do you have a message for international Eurovision fans who have given you their support?

I would like to thank each and every one of the Eurovision fans who have supported me and my entry in the Eurovision. I would like to thank those who have sent me messages to congratulate me and wish me luck. I am truly grateful for your kind words and support. Keep following me on facebook – Eurovision Song Malta, Twitter @EurovisionMT, or on the Maltese official Eurovision website


Thanks again for your time, Amber!




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