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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Interview with Revolt Klan about Festivali i Këngës and themselves

Interview with Revolt Klan about Festivali i Këngës and themselves
  • On December 26, 2014

We are just few hours away from the prestigious Albanian music festival “Festivali i Këngës,” which also works as the Albanian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Today we had chance to speak with Revolt Klan, a participating group of Festivali i Këngës with the song “Më mungon.


Hi Revolt Klan! Thank you for talking us.

Hello friends. Hope you are well.


Can you talk us a bit about yourself, Bruno and Febi?

Taking about ourselves is easy and difficult somehow. We like music to represent us, but we can make a little review for you. Firstly, we are good friends and then we are partners in music and business. As in music, in everyday life, we are very complementary to each other. Different characters with the same passion for making good music. If we can describe ourselves in a few words, it would be, Bruno – smiling all the time and bringing joy to the group, and Febi – serious and  determined.


How do you feel about being part of Festivali I Këngës?

Well being part of festivals in general is a big satisfaction in itself. But here the responsibility is bigger and it requires a lot of time dedicated to rehearsals. So far we are going very well through this phase and we are very happy with the results and with everybody supporting us, including the national orchestra which is doing the major work.


How did you decide to submit a song for Festivali I Këngës?

For us, art picks up what creativity produces and this has never be a well-planned schedule. Most of them are very spontaneous and when things are spontaneous, they are the best because you dedicate your mind and soul into it; you feel it without knowing where it will lead you. This is how  we decided to entered this contest. Everything came to us.


How was your song created?

Revolt Music Studio is like a big family where everyone contributes for what we think is the best. As I mentioned it before, we create and then things pop out.


Could you give us a little secret about your song “Më mungon”?

Which one do you want to know? :P Joking. We do not have any secret for the song nor for our lives. We are always open to our fans and they know everything they want to know about us. Being near them who support us the most is very important. The only thing we can add is that the text is not based on our personal life.


What are your plans for your performance in Festivali I Këngës?

For the moment we are extremely focused to provide a compact and satisfying live performance.


Did you see the list of participants? What do you think about it?

The 28 artists chosen to be in this festival are all very strong and good. They all are trying their best the same as us, so we just wish them luck and let the best win.


Which are your future plans and what if you’ll represent Albania in Eurovision Song Contest?

We cannot predict what future has reserved for us. All we know is that we satisfy our fans with the music we produce and we will keep going with bigger steps. Representing your country is a big honor and responsibility. It is a great appreciation towards the artist. This doesn’t mean that if we represent Albania in Eurovision we have fulfilled our goals for our careers. It is totally the opposite. Life always reserves many competitions for you, the more you try, the best you become.


Are the members of Revolt Klan, Bruno and Febi, Eurovision fans?

Of course! We are fans of everything that has an artistic spirit inside it. We have tried to follow it every year and be supportive for our colleagues who have represented the country so far.


Which Eurovision song from Albania do you like?

In our opinion, Albania has always had very good representations and we are proud of it. We cannot differ any of them.


What do you think about last year’s winner Conchita Wurst and her song?

She totally deserved to win, the song was very good.


 Do you have any message for our readers?

We would like to end with a quote by Winston Churchill:  “Never give in! Never, never, never – in nothing great or small large or petty. Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”


Revolt Klan will perform in the first semi-final of Festivali i Këngës on December 26.

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