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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Interview with Aram Mp3: "I am feeling a huge excitement!"

Interview with Aram Mp3: “I am feeling a huge excitement!”
Eric Nocito

As we count down the days till Eurovision 2014, ESC Reporter had the opportunity to speak to this year’s Armenian entrant, Aram Mp3.

In the interview, we discussed the origins of his entry “Not Alone” and what he plans to bring to Eurovision 2014.


Thank you for sitting down with us, Aram! We are looking forward to your upcoming participation in Eurovision!



  • You were selected internally by ARMTV for Eurovision. What made you commit to representing Armenia? Do you feel any pressure?

Well, Eurovision has always been the musical party of the year and I am happy that I will take part in it this year! Apart from this, this is already eighth year that Armenia is joining the Eurovision Song Contest. Armenia has always chosen good songs and artists to participate in Eurovision and it is an honor for me to represent my country to an international audience in Denmark.

I don’t feel any pressure; instead I am feeling a huge excitement!


  • Your song is called “Not Alone” – what is it about and what was the inspiration? 

The main message that I want to deliver through my song is that people are not alone in their feelings and emotions regardless of where they live and what they do. I want to call everyone to be more tender and be able to fight for their love and appreciate their beloved ones.



“The melody of “Not Alone” came to my mind
all of a sudden.”



  • You co-created the song with Garik Papoyan – how did it all come together?

The melody of the song is composed by me. Once when my friends and I were sitting and talking about different things, the melody of “Not Alone” came to my mind all of a sudden. I started to sing it and that’s how it all began.

My good friend and colleague Garik Papoyan wrote the lyrics of the song and our colleague Lilit Navasardyan did a great instrumental arrangement.

I am very lucky to work with professional people who are very easygoing. We could understand each other easily and all of us enjoyed the working process.


  • You have been a comedian in several tv-shows over the years. How do you think those experiences influence and help your Eurovision bid?

I am lucky enough as I have two ways of communicating with people: humor and music. Generally, sense of humor helps to overcome difficult situations in life and helps me to cheer up people around. Jokes are always making people smile and live long.

On the other hand, music gives me the space and chance to express myself and open my soul to the audience.


Aram Armenia



  • Are you planning any promotion or touring before Eurovision?

Yes, of course! I hope to meet all my fans during my concerts through the European capitals. During April, I will be performing in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Warsaw, Paris, Brussels, and other cities.

You can follow my Facebook page to stay tuned with the newest information about my concert dates and venues. Hope to see you there! 



“When I hear that song on the radio,
I make it louder and enjoy driving.”



  • Do you have any favorite Eurovision songs from previous years?

I really liked “Euphoria” by Loreen! It is a very good hit and it was fairly appreciated as the best one in 2012. When I hear that song on the radio, I make it louder and enjoy driving.


  • Have you listened to any other country’s Eurovision songs this year? Which are your favorites?

Sure! I’ve listened to all my colleagues’ entries for Eurovision 2014. There are so many good and different songs presented this year. Everyone can find something they like; from lyrical ballads to dance songs. All of them are done very professionally.


  • How do you best like to spend your time when you aren’t busy working? Besides music, what keeps you happy and motivated in life?

I find peace and harmony with my family: with my wife Anna and my little son Arno. They have always supported me in everything I do.



Thank you again for your time, Aram! See you in Copenhagen!





Aram Mp3 will perform 1st in the first semi-final on May 6 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Aram Mp3 – “Not Alone”




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