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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Interview with Elnur Hüseynov: "Every heart deserves a fight"

Interview with Elnur Hüseynov: “Every heart deserves a fight”

| On 13, May 2015

Before leaving for Vienna, we got the chance to ask this year’s Azerbaijani representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, Elnur Hüseynov, some questions about his return to Eurovision and his life in general.



Hi, Elnur! Thank you for speaking to us today!

You were selected to represent Azerbaijan this year in Eurovision. How were you chosen?

It was an internal selection. I got a call from national broadcaster Ictimai TV and next thing I know I’m going to Eurovision for a second time. This is a chance for me to show off as solo artist so I’ve decided to take this opportunity and to do my best.


Your song is called “Hour of the Wolf” – what is it about and what was the inspiration?

My song is about our never-ending search for happiness, for better future. We are constantly fighting, we are searching for love, for better tomorrow, trying to break some dark patterns in our life and to see the light. The main message in the song is that ‘every heart deserves a fight’ and we need to remember it.


Are you planning any more promotion or touring before Eurovision?

I’ve visited 6 countries before Eurovision and now I’m staying in Turkey and preparing here and the next stop for me in Vienna.



“I’m concentrating on my performance,
on my song”



Do you feel any pressure in representing Azerbaijan this year in Eurovision?

I guess every contest brings some pressure but I’m trying not to think about it, I’m concentrating on my performance, on my song, I want to reach each and everyone in the audience. This is the important staff and not some pressure.


Do you have any favorite Eurovision songs?

My favorite is ABBA with Waterloo.


elnur azerbaijan eurovision 2015 official


How did you initially become a singer and what inspired you to pursue this career?

Music was always in my life, I’ve started to sing very early, also I’ve took piano classes and always experimented with different styles to find my own. I think that some of the inspiration I’ve got from my parents and, of course, music always makes me happy and fulfilled and this is very important.


If you could pick anyone, who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Freddie Mercury but it’s impossible.


What music, artists, bands do you listen to yourself? Any favorites?

A lot. You don’t even want me to go there. Classical music if a huge source of inspiration for me.


If you weren’t a professional singer, what do you think you would be working with?

A vet maybe.



“Sometimes we are forgetting about
those who support us”



How do you best like to spend your time when you aren’t busy working?

With my friends and family. I think that sometimes we are forgetting about those who support us no matter what and I’m trying to spend with people close to my heart as much time as I can.


Besides music, what keeps you happy and motivated in life?

I love animals! And I’m trying to fight for their rights, to organize events with animals’ rights activists, to gather some money for animals in needs.


What accomplishment are you the most proud of?

I’m proud to be a person I am. In my career I think I will say about this year only – winning Turkish version of The Voice was a high peak for me.



“I’ve missed all this Eurovision buzz”



What is it about Eurovision that makes you return?

– I’ve missed all this Eurovision buzz. So nice to come back! I’ve wanted to share my music with the European audience and the best place to do it as for me is at the stage of the world’s biggest music event.


Are you planning to do anything different this time around at Eurovision?

I will be recording my solo album.


Have you heard any of the other songs? Any favorites?

I’ve heard almost all of them and my favorite is Guy Sebastian.


What do you hope people will remember you for once Eurovision is over?

I hope that they will remember my song. Also I hope that they will want to hear more of my music.


Do you have a message for the readers of

I hope you will watch my performance on Eurovision stage and enjoy the Contest. I will bring my best and I want to share all my emotions with you! Thank you for your interest and support and I’ll see you in Vienna.


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Elnur will perform as song number 11 in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 on May 21.


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