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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Interview with Eurovision 2011 winner, Eldar "Ell" Gasimov!

Interview with Eurovision 2011 winner, Eldar “Ell” Gasimov!
Eric Nocito

Eldar Gasimov (“Ell”) won the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 performing in the duo, Ell & Nikki, with the song “Running scared.” He then went on to host the 2012 edition of Eurovision in Baku, Azerbaijan.

ESC Reporter caught up with Eldar, where he spoke about his memories, future plans, and upcoming musical works in an exclusive interview.


The full interview:


  •  How did you find yourself to release “In your head” as a single? What countries is it released in?

It was just a great suggestion of my friend Emin. There were some more songs, but i really liked this one!! It sounds so warm, like a little bit of summer and love in this freezing cold winter time. I think it sounds better sitting next to hearth with another cup of cappuccino. For now it is released only in Azerbaijan, but we all hope to get more and bigger territories. Hoping so much :)


  • Where was the music video for “In your head” filmed?

In Baku. Baku is situated on a peninsula, not far from the coast. There is one, Pirallahi island, perfect place for filming and just relaxing! Yes, we did shoot circa 12 hours. They say it was pretty cold, but I don’t know. I was always moving. That’s one of the anti-freezing rules :))))))))


  • What are your future plans for an upcoming album and singles?

Don’t really feel like a wanna do an album now… It’s better to have just more single releases now…As for an album, I just need to put all the peaces of the puzzle together and see what happens with conception, same-themed songs, and release an album then! You need to be more prepared for that:) All I’m asking is for you to stay close to my Facebook page to get all the news. (link below)


  • How has been your life and career since you won Eurovision 2011?

It’s like pinching myself everyday how my life’s changed. Now I’m doing what I really love, what I was made for. There’s nothing better than to share my emotions with fans, no matter what kind of positive or negative emotions I have! So grateful for always standing next to me. Oh yes, and more magnets on my fridge make real fun!


  • What are your favorite memories from Düsseldorf?

It was this crazy Düsseldorf Man statue standing on his arms. It’s just all about me..always trying to see the world from the other side.. so don’t be shy putting your SIDES up! :))))))))))


  • Would you return to Eurovision, by representing Azerbaijan or maybe Germany?

I don’t think so..It became something special for me for these years, but not a competition anymore….Just let me answer this question after EBU suggests higher place than the 1st one :)))))


  • I noticed you were at Eurovision 2013 in Malmö.  Will you be attending Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen?

I hope so! Loved Malmö very much and I’m sure Copenhagen will rock..As I said, ESC is a biggest music holiday to celebrate once a year.. I don’t really wanna miss it :)


  • Do you have any plans for a tour in Europe/USA?

I guess for now, they are on my mind…planning, wishing, wanting… You know there was a time I was able only to dream to participate at ESC and couldn’t even think about performing a song holding a crystal mic in the other hand. DREAMS CAN COME TRUE…You better believe in it!


  • Do you have a special message for our site, ESC Reporter?

Thank you for these wonderful questions and a great time answering them :) Wanna feel you and your support always next to me, lovelies



Eldar – In Your Head



More information on Eldar Gasimov can be found at the following links:


Photo courtesy Eldar Gasimov



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