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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Interview with Eurovision 2015 stars Anita and Michele of San Marino!

Interview with Eurovision 2015 stars Anita and Michele of San Marino!
Eric Nocito

With less than two weeks until the release of the song and official music video of the entry for San Marino, we managed to speak to the Sammarinese artists, Michele Perniola and  Anita Simoncini. The duo shared their favorite Eurovision memories, as well as their plans for Vienna.


Hi, Michele! Hi, Anita! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today! 


Do you feel that you have an advantage over other competitors for having competed in Junior Eurovision?
Anita:  No, I don’t feel that, on the other hand I think it’s a further opportunity for us.
Michele: No, I’m here to enjoy myself and if something will happen, i would be surely glad.


What are your favorite memories from competing in Junior Eurovision?
A:  The first Open Rehearsal, the common song, and the Slovenian entry.
M: The entries from Belarus, Georgia, and Malta.


What kind of song will you sing in Vienna?
A:  No comment
M: I’d like to sing an uptempo.


Will you have any involvement in the writing of the song?
A:  No


Who are your musical inspirations? What are your favorite genres of music?
A:  R&B, soft rock. Coldplay, Beyonce, Sia.
M: Funky, soul, R&B. Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson.


Are you planning on visiting any other European countries to promote your song in the run up to the contest?
M: No, no promotion is planned yet.


Do you feel any pressure for representing your country at Eurovision?
A:  Just a little bit.


What do you hope people remember you by after Eurovision is over?
A:  I would love people to remember my name, first. And then my image.
M: I would like people to remember the emotion we gave them.


What do you do in your spare time, other than singing? Any hobbies?
A:  Classical and modern dance, but I don’t have so much time as I study a lot every day after school.
M: Motorbiking, playstation, gym, drawing.


Are you a fan of Eurovision? Do you have any favorite songs from past years from San Marino or other countries?
A:  Something better (Finland 2014), L’essenziale (Italy 2013), You’re not alone (Armenia 2014), Maybe (San Marino 2014).
M: Maybe (San Marino 2013), L’essenziale (Italy 2013), Cliche Love Song (Denmark 2014).


Do you have a special message for our site,
A:  A great kiss all over your monitors.
M: Have fun and enjoy life.


Thanks again, Michele and Anita! Good luck in Vienna!


Photo: SMTV

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