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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Interview with Maria Yaremchuk: "He is my one true inspiration"

Interview with Maria Yaremchuk: “He is my one true inspiration”
Eric Nocito

Back in December, Maria Yaremchuck won the honor of defending the Ukrainian streak at Eurovision, having never missed a final since their debut in 2003.

Maria was kind enough to answer a few of our questions, touching on both Eurovision, her own competitiveness, and her inspirations.


Thank you so much for taking to the time to answer a few questions!


  • What do you wish to bring to Eurovision Song Contest and what does it mean to you?

I hope that Eurovision Song Contest will give me an opportunity to challenge myself, to bring my music to the European stage, to represent my country in the best possible way. I’m aiming to make every heart go tick-tock with me.



“Tick-Tock is my way to tell a love story to the audience.”


  • What are your thoughts of the new final of “Tick-Tock” version that we will hear in Copenhagen?

The final version is changed. I’ve thought about changing lyrics for a long time now and finally decided to go with it together with songwriter, vocalist and musician Sandra Bjurman. “Tick-Tock” is my way to tell a love story to the audience. I’m singing about our search for one true love and all that time that we are spending on the way to our real feeling.


  • Do you have a special stage performance planned for your performance in May?

Of course, we are planning to surprise everybody, but let’s wait and see, I don’t want to ruin our team efforts.


  • After you got 5th place in the Ukrainian final in 2013, did you already know that you wanted to try again to go to Eurovision?

I’ve always wanted to participate at Eurovision, so I knew almost instantly that I want to try one more time. I think that I wasn’t ready for the first time and this was an opportunity to make myself better, to work harder and harder to win the national selection.



maria yaremchuk skyscraper

  • What is your favorite Eurovision song?

For now I guess it’s last year’s winner “Only Teardrops” by Emmelie de Forest.


  • What are some experiences and memories that you have of Eurovision?

I’m a Eurovision fan since the first time Ukraine participated in the contest, so every year is brand new experience for me. And the most memorable, I think, was Eurovision 2005 in Kyiv – the incredible atmosphere of the holiday it brought to everyone.


  • What are you looking forward to the most about Eurovision 2014?

I hope Eurovision will help me to bring my music, my songs to the European audience and to make myself stronger as an artist. I want to meet new people, feel a vibe of the big Eurovision family. I hope for the best and to have a time of my life in Copenhagen.



“It’s all about Ukrainian roots”


  • Ukraine has qualified for the final every year they were in Eurovision, and usually end up high in the final. Why do you think Ukraine does so well? Is it a lot of pressure for you to do well for Ukraine?

I will tell you a secret – it’s all about Ukrainian roots. Ukraine is and has always been a singing country, everyone here is singing – at home, with friends, professionally or not – it’s not important. The most important thing is that our souls always sing. Nevertheless, it is a very big challenge for me; I want to do everything possible to make my country proud so there is no time to rest for me right now.


  • You have participated in the singing competition shows “Novaya Volna” and “Holos Krayiny” in the past. Will you bring a competitive spirit to your Eurovision presence?

Competition with the best from the best makes your heart rock and tick-tock. And I’m very competitive person so you wait for me, Eurovision Song Contest, I’m coming. It’s not about winning; it’s about the competition road.



“His music is sacred for me
and he is my one true inspiration.”


  • How has your father Nazariy’s legacy influenced your singing career path?

I was surrounded by music since childhood, everyone in my family was singing – my brothers, my sister. I can’t remember my father – I was only 2 years old when he died tragically from cancer. But I’ve always felt his legacy, his songs around me. I think I’ve began to understand him and his work fully in my teenage years. His music is sacred for me and he is my one true inspiration.


  • You wrote and composed “Tick-Tock” yourself. Do you think it’s easier for artists to connect with their own songs?

I wrote music and co-wrote lyrics. I love that I’m singing my song. I feel every bit of it, but I think it all depends on an artist and it’s very individual thing.


  • Do you have a special message for the readers of

Hope that you will enjoy the show at Eurovision Song Contest in May and I promise to bring the very best of me there. Counting on your support and sending the best wishes from Ukraine to all of you.


Maria, thank you again for taking the time to share more about yourself with us! See you in Copenhagen!





Maria Yaremchuk will represent Ukraine in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, performing as song number 9.


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