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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Interview with aspiring Cypriotic representative Ioanna Protopapa!

Interview with aspiring Cypriotic representative Ioanna Protopapa!
George Dalakouras

It was previously announced from our site that Ioanna Protopapa will be one of the atists who will join the Cypriot Preselection for Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

We got in touch with Ioanna and she accepted to give us an interview.


Thank you very much. Ioanna!


Where were you born? How was your childhood?

I was born in North London by Cypriot parents. I attended an English and a Greek school. I combined them. My childhood was so beautiful, full of good memories. Singing was always a part of my life. I was in the choruses of both the English and Greek school. In the English school, my teacher told me that I couldn’t participate in the chorus because my voice was too loud. I always think of it and start laughing! In the Greek school, we were taught traditional songs and here in London, Cypriot people remember their culture. From a young age I wanted to live in Greece or Cyprus.



“I remember myself, when I was very young, singing and dancing in front of my family.”



When did you start singing? Have you attended any musical lessons?

I started singing from an early age and my parents had already understood that I have a nice voice, and at the age of 7 and without lessons, I was able to sing difficult songs! My parents understood that I have a good voice because of my mother, who took me to participate in a performing arts school, which combined singing lessons with dancing and drama. Due to these lessons, I increased my self-confidence and I adored performing even more. I wanted my hobby to become my job! I always wanted to perform. I remember myself, when I was very young, singing and dancing in front of my family. It was my passion!


What’s your experience from X Factor, how do you feel that you reach in the Semi – Final and what did you gain from the show?

X Factor was an awesome experience for me and I remember many beautiful moments. I lived my dream and it came true. From time to time, I was feeling like I was asleep and it was a dream, so I was waiting to wake up. The show for me finished so fast. It had so much tension that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted because I was so nervous for the live shows and for my performance every week. I was only 16 years old and singing was a hobby for me. Then suddenly, I am on the stage of the show with Sakis Rouvas (host of the show, representative of Greece in Eurovision 2004 & 2009).. I had to deal with a lot of stress, although my young age, so this helped me to become more mature. Whenever I visit Greece, I have this country in my mind as the place where I lived my dreams!



“Helena Paparizou was a very special woman who I really appreciate.”



Do you have an idol? Why do you admire that person?

Growing up in London, I was always listening to Greek music and I had many idols from the Greek music industry. Helena Paparizou is a very special woman who I really appreciate. She was from Sweden and she managed to make a great, decent career. I admired her because she was Greek, but grew up far from her country and she had a special place in my heart. She took part twice in the Eurovision Song Contest and I voted her both of the times. I used to say to myself that I wanted to make a career similar to hers!


Do you watch the Eurovision Song Contest?

I have been watching Eurovision since I was young. I remember to watch the contest with my friends and I was always feeling proud of the Cypriot and Greek entries! I was feeling so proud that I had goosebumps every time I was watching our entries. I always wanted to go the stage of Eurovision and represent my country.


Which is your favourite Cypriot entry?

I adored all the Cypriot entries but I distinguish the ballad “Stronger every minute” by Lisa Andreas. The woman was Cypriot from London and she managed to get a very good place with a very beautiful song.


What do you think for the winning song of Eurovision 2014, “Rise Like a Phoenix”?

I like very much “Rise Like a Phoenix”. It was a powerful song and I very much liked Conchita’s voice. It was something original and with a great message! I guess a lot of people adored it who don’t “follow the rules of society,” they are themselves, they are proud, they are dressed as they want, and they are who they really are!


With which Eurostar would you like to collaborate?

If I had to collaborate with an artist from Eurovision, I wouldn’t be able to choose only one. I have so many favourite songs and artists. Maybe I’d make a duet with Helena Paparizou.



“I feel so proud that I can send an entry and it’s an open contest.”



How do you feel that you’re going to participate in the Cypriot national preselection? How did you make the decision to join?

I feel so proud that I can send an entry and that it is an open contest. I was so sad last year because Cyprus didn’t participate and I didn’t see any Cyrpiot flags. I didn’t need to think about sending an entry. When I found out that this year there will be an open contest, I started searching for a good song! I like the fact that fresh, talented people can have the chance to send a song to represent their county, so I’ll send my entry as well!

This year, I worked with John Themis who produced my song. He’s a Cypriot composer, who participated in the contest on behalf of UK sending the song “Touch My Fire,” which was sang by Javine. He’s a person who has worked with many famous artists in London. I had never thought that I’d collaborate with John Themis. He’s very good at his job and very honest. I’m so glad that he believed in me and believed in my participation.


When will be your song released?

The song will be released when it’s the time and it’ll be first released on RIK.


Thank you so much for speaking with us, Ioanna!


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