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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Ira Losco to change song for Eurovision

Ira Losco to change song for Eurovision
Kevin Lee

Maltese broadcaster PBS announced that Ira Losco will have a completely new or modified song going into the Eurovision Song Contest in May.



Chameleon to Disappear?

Last month, Ira won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with her song “Chameleon” to represent the country at this year’s Eurovision. However the contest rules state that the song can be modified or completely changed to increase the chances of a win at Eurovision.



Who Decides the New Song?

An International panel and local experts will now be presented with new songs, including a revamped version of “Chameleon” to decide what song Ira will sing in Stockholm.


Ira’s Second Time on Eurovision

Ira Losco is responsible for one of Malta’s best placings at Eurovision, when she came in 2nd with the song “7th Wonder” back in 2002. So PBS is dedicated to make sure they will send the singer with a great song for a hopeful win.



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