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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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It's Paula Seling and Ovi for Romania!

It’s Paula Seling and Ovi for Romania!
Eric Nocito

After the 12 artists performed their entries for the Romanian audience in the final of “Selecția Națională,” Paula Seling and Ovi were voted the winners with the song “Miracle”

This was determined by a combination of jury and public vote. Although they only received the second highest amount of televotes (Vaida was highest), the jury secured Paula & Ovi’s victory.


The running order (click song to listen):

  1. Paula Seling & Ovi – “Miracle”
  2. Bere Gratis – “Despre mine şi ea”
  3. The dAdA – “Unpredictable”
  4. The Zuralia Orchestra – “You Know”
  5. Vizi Imre – “Kind of Girl”
  6. Anca Florescu – ”Hearts Collide”
  7. Silvia Dumitrescu – “Fiorul iubirii”
  8. Renée Santana & Mike Diamondz – “Letting Go”
  9. Stefan Stan feat. Teddy K – Breathe
  10. Naomy – “Daca Tu Iubesti”
  11. Mirela Vaida Boureanu – “One More Time”
  12. Marcel Crăciunescu – “Hardjock”


Paula Seling & Ovi – “Miracle”



Following the allocation draw in Copenhagen, Romania will take part in the second half of the second semi-final.

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