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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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It's Tanja for Estonia!

It’s Tanja for Estonia!

| On 01, Mar 2014

After the 10 artists performed their entries for the Estonian audience, Tanja was declared the winner with the song “Amazing,” as determined jury and televote.


Running order (click songs to listen):

  1. Brigita Murutar – ”Laule täis taevakaar”
  2. Traffic – ”Für Elise”
  3. Norman Salumäe – ”Search”
  4. Wilhelm – ”Resignal”
  5. Lenna – “Supernoova”
  6. Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band – ”Maybe-Maybe”
  7. Maiken – “Siin või sealpool maad”
  8. Kõrsikud – ”Tule ja jää”
  9. Tanja – “Amazing”
  10. Sandra Nurmsalu – “Kui tuuled pöörduvad”


Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band placed first with the jury with 98 points, while Tanja placed fourth with 60 points, but the two of them made up the Super Final. After the voting in the Super Final, Tanja ended up the winner and will represent Estonia.



Estonia will perform in the first half of the first semi-final, as determined by the draw in Copenhagen.

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