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ESC Reporter | February 22, 2018

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Jamala releases her album in Europe!

Jamala releases her album in Europe!
Emma Kiernan

Over a month since her Eurovision win, reigning champion Jamala has realeased her album, “1944” in Europe.



The album is published by Universal Music Group and will be available to purchase in Europe. It includes Jamala’s Eurovision-winning song, “1944” as its title track. Eight songs are sung in English and three are sung in Ukrainian.



 1. 1944
2. I’m Like A Bird
3. Hate Love
4. Watch Over Me
5. Perfect Man
6. My Lover
7. Drifting Apart feat. The Erised
8. You’ve Got Me
9. Thank You
10. With My Eyes
11. Way To Home
12. Breath



Speaking about the album release, Jamala said, “The songs in this album reflect my thoughts and feelings at this period. They are all about the search for the way home, loneliness, love, hopes for better future. I think the European audience will like it”. She also says that “1944” is the stand out track on the album. “Composing it [1944], I was inspired by my great-grandma Nazyl-khan’s story about the tragedy of our family and all Crimean Tartars in 1944 …. Many nations experienced their awful tragedies. For me the song is really personal, and I would like its message to be heard by as many people as possible both in my country and in the world.”

The album is also due to be released in the United States by Republic Records in the near future. 



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