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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Join the magical journey with Zoë's music video for Eurovision

Join the magical journey with Zoë’s music video for Eurovision
Alvaro Sanabria


Zoë is inviting us to a magical journey in her “Loin d’ici” music video.  The video by the 2016 Austrian entry for Eurovision was published on March 15.



The making of the video

Loin d’ici was produced by Ramon Rigoni from illuminati film.  The main idea behind the music video was to create a retro-style animation that represented the fantasy world sung in Loin d’ici.

The making of the video involved real handcraft  (the background graphics are painted), which were later computer-animated. The motifs include starry skies and sunshine, and all kinds of landscapes – meadows, snowfall, and deserts.  The final result is a fairy tale world fits with Zoë’s song.

In the making of the music video, modern technology was combined with a retro look.  The fairytale-like graphics are based on watercolour effects, preserving the lightness of the song Loin d’ici.


“Simple yet fairytale-like”

Zoë herself seems satisfied with the music video for her Eurovision entry.  About the making of the video she said: “We wanted a retro look for the video. Our inspiration came from Yellow Submarine by The Beatles, and in that way we have created something simple yet fairytale-like. On one hand, we use modern technology, but on the other hand we also take a few steps backwards by using a 2D look with watercolour images. The main idea was to convey the lightness of the video.”

Zoë will represent Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.


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