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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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"Who knows, maybe I'll go to the Eurovision" - Interview with Stashka

“Who knows, maybe I’ll go to the Eurovision” – Interview with Stashka
  • On October 26, 2014

Stashka (Katarzyna Stasiak) is a 30-year-old talented singer from Poland, and the winner of the Baltic Song Contest 2014, where nine countries competed with two songs each in the Swedish town of Karlshamn.

The contest was won by Stashka with the song “Chcę Kochać.”

Hi Stashka! What’s up? How are you?

Hi Bartek! Thanks, everything is fine for me. Health is good, energy too, so great! I hope that it’s the same with you too!


Thanks, everything is good for me too. Nice that you asked. At the beginning I would like to congratulate you very much for the victory in Baltic Song Festival. This is a great achievement, which you competed with really great musicians of the Polish music scene – Justyna Steczkowska (Eurovision 1995), Małgorzata Ostrowska and Michal Wisniewski with Ich Troje (Eurovision 2003 and 2006). It is also worth noting that in this competition in the edition of 1993, Edyta Górniak took part, whose in truth did not win the whole show, but took a very good place – third. A year later, the singer went to Eurovision, where she achieved tremendous success taking 2nd place for Poland (by far the best result of our country in the Eurovision Song Contest). 

Please tell me how you did get to Karlshamn and what was your road to success? Why did you choose “Chcę kochać” and “Babe Babe I love you?”

You don’t know how great the honor is for me to be in the winners of Baltic Song Contest in Karlshamn. Artists who I listened to and admired, performed on the same stage and were successful, and now I’m among them. It’s an amazing thing.

I will tell you that when I visited a fortune teller, once in my lifetime, out of curiosity, she told me that if I will receive proposal appearances out of Poland, I shouldn’t think and just go in this direction, as abroad will appreciate me faster than here in my own country… So, I flew to Sweden and received the Grand Prix of Baltic Song Contest and Audience Award. And how did it happen that I found myself there? My song was entered by my record label, which I signed a contract with in April, then I found out that in the internal eliminations, and among hundreds of tracks, my song was the best for organizers of the festival and they wanted to see me on their stage. I didn’t think and didn’t hesitate. Apparently it was already meant to be, but I flew to Karlshamn completely without any expectations. I  was just glad that I could present my work on the international stage.

As the second song, I chose at the beginning another called “Wolna (Free).” At the last minute, I changed my mind. It prompted me to use my intuition. I chose then the song “Babe Babe I Love You.” I wrote it in English. I don’t know why. It just came and I managed to grab it and save it. I always wanted to have a song with those words (babe babe I love you) just because I think everyone in the world understands exactly what they mean. I thought that in contrast to the “Chcę kochać,” where we do the show, that it will be fun. I stand alone with a guitar and gain contact with the audience… It worked, people sang with me the first chorus. It is a pity that the first day didn’t issue any television, but you have my word that it is true.



I also mentioned at the start that in the BSC that Edyta Gorniak has participated, where a year later achieved tremendous success in the Eurovision Song Contest. Have you thought about this road to success?

A few days ago, Radio ESKA created a poll about who should represent Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 held in Vienna. It includes your stage name on the list. Fans quickly noticed your activity on this “news.” Would you be ready to take off in such a big event, and if yes, with which song (pop, folk, or maybe a lyrical ballad)?

To be honest I thought about Eurovision much earlier. In fact, I wondered seriously over this last year if I could succeed in going, however apparently it wasn’t the moment. As a little girl, I remember Edyta Gorniak’s performance today. I admired also my other idols: Justyna Steczkowska, Kasia Kowalska, and Anna Maria Jopek.

Then came a time when I stopped to follow the competition, but all the time I thought that it had amazing history, popularity, opportunities for do the show, and the most important of all, perform in front of such a large, worldwide audience, definitely worth to not stop dreaming about it.

After the success in Karlshamn, it obviously crossed my mind, and because of the poll mentioned by you, I think about it intensely. There was a time also that I had negative attitude about the Eurovision Song Contest, but it’s probably because of people who don’t like Eurovision. I get a lot of questions about the contest from the fans of Eurovision. I always answer and they just back my positive feelings to the Eurovision.

I haven’t thought about the song, but I would like to chose a moving, full of life, and positive track. I would like to sing in Polish, or do the same as Cleo – some parts in English to gain contact with audience. I would bet, as in Karlshamn with my additional drummers for an additional show to do something interesting. There are a lot more opportunities, and I have lots of ideas, so when I think about it sometimes, if it did, it would be fun. You ask if I’m ready? I hope that the pressure and nerves don’t destroy me. :) But what can I say, what is to be will be.

If I get a chance to be at Eurovision I would be happy to for sure, because of every performance and the ability to sing solo for the audience. My own songs in addition to me is all what I sought from since being a child and is what I dream of all the time.


Have you followed the Eurovision Song Contest this year? If yes, who was your favorite? What do you think about our delegation?

This year I was able to watch the first part of the contest, but to be honest nobody really moved, even the winner. Now, however, when the radio was playing the representatives of Germany, from what I remember one has Polish roots – I humming her song, I like it.

Our Cleo presented something really cool. I really wonder why she wasn’t higher. Is it due to the fact that we aren’t liked? I don’t want to believe it, because I’d like to check it out…hehe.


Where do you get your inspiration?

Thanks to strong faith, positive attitude, perseverance, the support of family, friends and fans who I have, more and more, I am able to fulfill those dreams, for which I am grateful. It is this attitude to life that delivers the most inspiration to me. I think that through the music that always accompanies me. I found a way to be close to the people, and thanks to words, which often fall into the mind spontaneously, sometimes as dictation, I can fulfill my mission. I want to show people by my example that believing in yourself, doing what you love, and thinking positively will make you happy and fulfilled. I want to infect with enthusiasm and a smile. From what I can see, after meetings with fans and messages, it’s probably successful. Also, in small steps, with what is playing in my soul, I go forward. Who knows, maybe I’ll go to the Eurovision.


What are your plans for the future? 

Certainly more such meetings with fans and concerts will take place after the release of my debut album, which is ready.

Now all the organizational issues don’t belong to me, but to the record label. I hope that this cooperation is successful, and soon we will see all the fruits of my work. I have no pressure, because I believe that everything happens in a natural pace. Maybe it has to be so that the album will be published shortly after the New Year, then the other songs could be taken into consideration when it comes to Eurovision. Rules are rules. Wait and see.

Meanwhile, I invite you to my concerts, starting October 28 at the Theatre in Tarnów.


That would be all. I wish you every success in career and life. I don’t hide (as a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest), that you would be a perfect representative for Poland at Eurovision, so that I wish for me and of course for you. Thank you for this short interview and your time.

Best wishes, Stashka! :)


Listen Stashka’s winning song “Chcę Kochać.”


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