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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Swedish designers to create Petra Mede's Eurovision 2016 dresses!

Swedish designers to create Petra Mede’s Eurovision 2016 dresses!
  • On May 1, 2016

When Sweden last hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, French designer Jean Paul Gaultier designed the dresses for hostess Petra Mede.

This year, it is three Swedish fashion designers that have received the honor of creating Petra Mede’s outfits for the three shows!


Ida Lanto, Valerie Aflalo, and Lars Wallin

When Petra Mede welcomes all of Europe and the world to Stockholm in the first semi-final, it will be in a creation by Ida Lanto, who is famous for her gala dresses. “It is a mix of classic and modern, very gala and a lot of glitter. It also feels worthy to wear for a mature woman like myself, it is stylish and covered up at the same time,” said Petra Mede to Ida Lanto also happens to be the sister of Swedish singer Elin Lanto, who previously competed in Melodifestivalen.

The second semi-final will feature a dress by a less established designer, Valerie Aflalo. “It will be exciting to see the result when it is ready. It is gonna be a fitted, modern pantsuit with interesting details, which reminds me a little of what Frida wore when ABBA won in 1974. A little Eurovision wink,” said Petra.

For the Grand Final, SVT brings out well-renowned Swedish designer Lars Wallin, who has worked with Petra Mede before. “I absolutely love Lars Wallin. He is world class when it comes to creating really pretty gala dresses and does not hold back. It is custom made to my body and the crystals sparkle so much you’d think it was paparazzi photographers taking pictures of me. It is as far from everyday life as you can get,” said Petra.


lars wallin petra mede eurovision dress grand final design svt

One of Lars Wallin’s dress designs for Petra Mede. / SVT


The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 airs live from Globen in Stockholm on May 10, 12, and 14.


Photo: Danielsson / SVT

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