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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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It's Lisa Angell to Eurovision for France!

It’s Lisa Angell to Eurovision for France!
Iain Cameron

French national broadcaster, France 2, announced today that Lisa Angell has been chosen to represent the nation in Vienna!

She will sing the ballad “N’oubliez pas” which translates as “Do Not Forget”.


Angell rose to fame after she accompanied Dani Lary, a magician, on his touring comedy show – Les Château des secrets. She has also released three albums, debuting in 2011. The song was written by Robert Goldman and initially performed during a commemoration concert for the First World War in November. Angell was selected internally to perform it at Eurovision and was keen to add that while the song honoured the war, the sentiments of it can be applied to any conflict.

An except from the lyrics reads, “Je me souviens du rire des enfants, la voix des hommes quand ils partaient au champs, les fêtes des moissons, l’odeur dans les maisons, les éclats d’amour et de joie. Mais je suis là, n’oubliez pas.”

When translated into English is reads, “I remember the smiles of the kids, the voice of the men when they went out in the fields, the Thanksgiving celebrations, the scent in the houses, the love and laughter. But I am here, do not forget.”


You can listen to a teaser of the song here.




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