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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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List of Danish participants for Melodi Grand Prix 2016 leaks early

List of Danish participants for Melodi Grand Prix 2016 leaks early
  • On January 11, 2016

It was just a few days ago that DR, the national broadcaster of Denmark, revealed that 982 songs had been cut down to 10 and that the entries would be revealed on January 28.

Unfortunately, a technical error has caused the artists and song names to be revealed early.


Not the first time

The unintended release also happened last year, when the CD of the 2015 show was released a day early by accident, revealing the artists and song names the day before DR’s big announcement.

This time, it happens a full two weeks before DR’s big announcement. According to Jan Lagemand Lundme, the head of entertainment at DR, a coding error caused the songs to be released on Spotify. “It’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing to be done about it now. We are creating a new plan,” he said to Trying to see the bright side, he mentions that all songs leaked at the same time, avoiding giving anyone an edge.


Listen to the participants of Melodi Grand Prix 2016

  • David Jay – “Rays of Sunlight” – LISTEN
  • Simone – “Heart Shaped Hole” – LISTEN
  • Bracelet – “Breakaway” – LISTEN
  • Sophia Nohr – “Blue Horizon” – LISTEN
  • Veronicas Illusion – “The Wrong Kind” – LISTEN
  • Lighthouse X – “Soldiers of Love” – LISTEN
  • Kristel Lisberg – “Who Needs A Heart” – LISTEN
  • Jessica – “Break It Good” – LISTEN
  • Muri & Mario – “To stjerner” – LISTEN
  • Anja Nissen – “Never Alone” – LISTEN


The field

Simone returns to Melodi Grand Prix, after having participated in 2010 and 2013, where she came in third place both years.

Several of the names are known in Denmark for taking part in different rounds of the X Factor, which also airs on DR, such as Sophia Ziegler and Kristel Lisberg.

A winner of The Voice is also participating. Anja Nissen won in 2014, but It wasn’t The Voice of Denmark. Anja won The Voice of Australia, being born in Australia to Danish parents.

The boyband Lighthouse X features Søren Bregendal, who rose to fame with the boyband C21 in the early 2000’s, having great success in parts of Europe and particularly Asia.

Only one of the songs, “To Stjerner,” or “Two Stars,” is in Danish.


Melodi Grand Prix 2016 airs live from Horsens on February 13.



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