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ESC Reporter | December 17, 2017

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Lithuania reveals new selection process

Lithuania reveals new selection process
Eric Nocito

Lithuania’s national broadcaster, LRT, announced the details of how they will select their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The main difference this year, when compared to previous years, is that the artists and songs will be selected separately.  The chosen songs will be assigned to each selected artists by LRT, upon the authors’ and composers’ approval.


The criteria

Artists can be either individuals and groups of Lithuanian citizenship and residency. Authors and composers can be of any nationality, and their submissions must be unreleased before September 1.

Potential artists, authors and composers have until the November 15 deadline to submit their applications.  Artists can find their application here, and authors and composers can find their applications here.

All applications, recordings (mp3), and photos must be sent to or by registered mail to:

LRT Eurovision selection, S.Konarskio g. 49, Vilnius

The full set of rules (in Lithuanian) can be found here.


The Phases

The selection process will consist of three phases and a total of nine television programs.

The first phase will feature an anniversary concert celebrating the 20 years that Lithuania has been in the Eurovision Song Contest.  The concert will showcase the newly-selected artists and begin the selection process.  This show is expected to air on December 14.

Phase two will consist of five television programs, set to air from December 21 until January 18. A total of five thematic concerts will showcase 20 selected artists performing different genres.  They will compete to be one of the six that will move on to the final round.  This will be decided by the viewers and a jury.

The third and last phase will consist of three selection shows, airing from January 25 until February 8.  The artists will then reveal and perform their songs (selected by LRT). During the first two weeks, the artist total will be brought down from six to four by sum of the votes by internet, viewers, and jury.

The final, February 8, will feature the remaining four artists and songs. The winner will be chosen based on the votes of the television audience and jury.  If a tie is reached, the jury will decide.

The winner will go on to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


More information about the Lithuanian national selection here.


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