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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Lithuanian selection begins with early frontrunner

Lithuanian selection begins with early frontrunner
Kevin Lee

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT has begun broadcasting their eight week long selection process, “Eurovizijos” dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka (“Eurovision” Song Contest National Selection).

In total 28 artists were selected for the marathon selection process.


Show 1: It begins

Show 1 began with artists who had entered with a song of their own choosing, which consisted of:

  • Alice Way
  • Dovydas Petrošius
  • Behind the Moon
  • Erica Jennings
  • Elena Jurgaitytė
  • Vlad Max
  • Petunija
  • Donny Montell


Donny Montell wins the night

Erica Jennings previously represented Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 as a part of SKAMP, placing 13th, while Donny Montell represented the country in 2012, placing 14th.

After the broadcast of the first show, it was revealed that Donny Montell received the highest amount votes, while the bottom three, Vlad Max, Elena Jurgaitytė, and Dovydas Petrošius were eliminated.

Donny received the second highest amount of points from the national jury, while receiving top points from the international jury.

When it came to televoting, Donny received 1,418 votes, while the first runner up received 794. His song, “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night” is composed by Jonas Thander and Beatrice Robertsson who are both based in Sweden. The music video for the song released last month was shot in Stockholm. Could this be a foreshadowing?



Show 2 coming up

The next round will be broadcasted on LRT at 20.00 CET on January 16th, also consisting of 8 artists who has entered with their own song:

  • Jurgis Brūzga
  • Ugne Smile
  • Lawreigna
  • Ištvan Kvik & Ellada
  • Catrinah
  • Eglė Jakštytė
  • Valdas Lacko
  • Rūta Ščiogolevaitė

This will be followed by artists who entered and had their songs decided by LRT, with the finale taking place on February 27th to crown the winner.

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