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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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LIVE REPORT: Day 3 of rehearsals

LIVE REPORT: Day 3 of rehearsals

| On 30, Apr 2014

Welcome to the third day of rehearsals!

We are reporting live from the press center on Eurovision Island.



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And that’s it for today’s rehearsals!


17:20: Romania – Paula Seling and Ovi

First run: Ovi opens the song in the middle of the stage, while the hologram of Paula is on a satellite stage, before it disappears and she appears next to him. Again a lot of blue light and animations, with some gold. For the second verse, Ovi is standing inside a circle keyboard prop which surrounds him, and he plays it, causing the press center to erupt into laughter. Towards the end of the song, more colors are introduced to the backdrop. Vocally pretty good, much like the national final.

Second run: The hologram effect for Paula in the beginning is messing up. It’s simply an overlay added on digitally, but it did not become transparent to make it appear like it was an actual hologram on stage. The piano circle Ovi stands inside still causes people to laugh, as it does look comical. Vocally they are good though, Paula’s vocalizing works, the gimmicks just need some work.

Third run: Hologram worked a bit better this time around, the rest of the performance is consistent, with Paula and Ovi delivering pretty good vocal performances.

Fourth run: This time the hologram worked as intended, with Paula and Ovi performing the song as well as they’ve done through the other performances.


16:40: Slovenia – Tinkara Kovac

First run: The stage is mostly blue, the stage floor a blue vortex, and Tinkara is in a blue dress with black lace detail. Towards the end, Tinkara was a bit confused about whether or not to put the microphone in the stand, which was in front of her.

Second run: Tinkara appears confident with what she’s doing and in the later half of the song when she switches to Slovenian, the stage changes to golden colors and a wind machine gets turned on.

Third run: Very similar to the previous runs, vocally Tinkara improved. The performance has a pretty serious feel, but the flute playing comes across authentic.

Fourth run: There was time for a fourth go for Tinkara, who appears really dedicated to the performance.

Fifth run: Quite a marathon for Tinkara, as they for some reason go for a fifth run. She is consistent though.


15:30: Greece – Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd

First run: The stage is mostly blue and white and the group makes use of most of the space, walking to the satellite stages. A trampoline is on stage and at the end, Riskykidd and Nikolas jump into it and jump up and down. Vocals were ok.

Second run: Song opens with a dark stage and the cubes slowly light up. As the beats set in, animations start on the screens. The guys are really into the performance and deliver a lot of energy. The trampoline is first being used by a gymnast who goes in slow motion, and is then joined by Riskykidd and Nikolas, who manage to sing at the same time. Vocals improved for this run and they sound good.

Third run: Another fun performance from the guys, with a lot of shots of the cardboard dummies in the audience area, suggesting DR is aiming to show the standing audience dancing and having fun.


14:50: Switzerland – Sebalter

First run: The stage is all golden and orange and Sebalter is happy and cheery singing the song right from the start, which fits the song. Later in the song, Sebalter grabs his violin on runs onto one of the runways and continues to sing the song from the satellite stage, with the rest of his bands members joining him. A very happy and cheery performance, vocally also good.

Second run: Near identical to the first performance, with a bubbly Sebalter performing his song well. He really gets into interacting with the camera.

Third run: Sebalter remains very consistent and gives another entertaining and engaged performance.

Fourth run: Massive pyro explosions on stage! Right before Sebalter starts singing, fireworks shoot up from the holes in the stage, audible here in the press center. We also get golden pyro rain later in the song, fitting the fiery animations on the LED screens.

Fifth run: A bit of a marathon for Tinkara, she gets a fifth go at the performance, but is consistent throughout.



14:10: Macedonia – Tijana Dapcevic

First run: Tijana appears in the middle of the stage on top of a white diamond shape in the floor. She’s wearing a t-shirt that says “That’s Bullshit Darling.” Stage is all black and white, with bright, white beams of light. It’s a bit of a rough first run, the cameras were all over the place, missing where they needed to be. Tijana looked very focused trying to do some choreography, which turns into robot moves later in the song. The microphones of the backup singers sounded turned off, as they couldn’t be heard. The floor animations are emphasized by a lot of top-down shots, though it mostly just adds to a confusing look.

Second run: A lot of things make more sense now that they figured out the camera issues they had in the first run. The camera goes on stage and zooms between Tijana and her dancer, who she pulls around with an imaginary rope. Vocally she’s sounding really good, but it’s as if she’s not present. Usually she is very animated in her body language and very expressive in her face, but she looks almost frozen. Hopefully, she’s just saving her energy.

Third run: Much like the second run, vocally good but Tijana is either extremely focused or has something else on her mind. She mostly just stands completely still without facial expressions, or go through a few dance moves. Apparently runway satellite stages also have LED floors, as they show close-ups of Tijana singing. Diamond shapes are shown on the stage floor and are supposed to follow Tijana and her dancer, but don’t quite match up in any of the rehearsals, in spite of the floor being touch sensitive.

Fourth run: The beginning is interrupted by a camera problem again, this performance is apparently causing them some issues. Several camera shots also failed as the performance went on. We hope to see the real Tijana for her second rehearsal on Saturday, today it seemed like she really did not want to be on the stage.



13:30: Belarus – Teo

First run: Running a bit behind schedule now, Teo is on a colorful stage, that starts out with neon LED animations that look a bit like the Grand Lisboa casino in Macao. With him, he has four male backing singers that also dance along. Teo appears really comfortable and catches the camera with his eyes a lot. For the chorus, the stage turns all cold and blue, which isn’t as nice as when it uses more colors. No cheesecakes to be seen anywhere.

Second run: The second run was very much like the first, Teo knows what he’s doing. At the end, he gave the viewers a kiss.

Third run: Stage still turns completely blue for the chorus, which makes it all a bit serious looking. The choreography Teo does with his backup singers makes the performance a bit boyband-like.


12:50: Ireland – Can-linn feat. Kasey Smith

First run: Lots of celtic patterns for the stage look in orange and yellow, after some initial camera issues. Kasey wears a long dress and haa some trouble walking around in it on stage. Vocals are ok, but she appeared quite nervous throughout the performance and not on top of things. She looked very beautiful though.

Second run: Overall went much better, probably had some starting out jitters, no dress issues and vocals are pretty good, if you liked what you heard at the national selection.

Third run: Another good run, Kasey still appears very focused and looks a bit nervous. Her dancers do their thing and we get some close ups of the violin player.

Fourth run: Ireland manages to squeeze in another run, as the stage manager asks to get the graphics up on the screen before the performance, perhaps for review. The performance is much like the third, and she’s still very focused. Her golden dress is very elaborate, with a lot of detailing and sparkles in the lights.


11:20: Finland – Softengine

First run: Lead singer wears a silver blazer, stage is dark with bright, white lights shooting into the arena. Later stage turns red, but is still dark, suiting the song very well. Rigs with lights have been lowered to the stage, to really use a lot of blinding light. Vocally it’s ok and could use more eye contact. Softengine gets a small applause from the press center.

Second run: Vocally it’s sounding a lot more stable for the beginning and the performance is very simple, band-style, with the band doing their thing on their instruments. Still not connecting with the camera though. No press center applause this time.

Third run: A little more eye contact with the camera, but it really is a concert performance we get from Finland. Not much changed between the three runs.

Fourth run: With the lunch break coming up, Finland gets to go for a fourth run through, but nothing really changes, Softengine is pretty consistent in their performances.



10:40: Lithuania – Vilija Matačiūnaitė

First run: We are seeing the same act as what we saw in the Lithuanian national final, she also wears the same type of skirt. The choreography appears to be identical, she still uses her dancer as a chair. This makes it look like his head is not where it’s supposed to be. The stage is mostly green, with white accents. Vilija looks happy and confident, nothing to complain about vocal-wise.

Second run: Stage is now a turquoise blue instead of the green, strobes and bright white lights make it very flashy. Vilija has holes in her dress that the dancer reach through. Steam is used, coming out of the holes in the water.

Third run: They have stuck with the new, blue colors, instead of the radar green. With the white it’s a little cold to look at, but very sleek. Vilija is very much into the performance and looks like she’s having a great time, making a kissing gesture to the camera.




10:00: Austria – Conchita Wurst:

First run: Conchita is on stage, on a small platform, with the stage covered in golden colors and screen animations showing wing-like animations. Vocals are really good, as seen in Conchita’s other live performances. Conchita gets a big applause from the press center audience.

Second run: The opening shows a wide shot of the stage and slowly zooms in on Conchita, who stands as a silhouette, hiding her face, before light slowly reveals her. The screens also have fire at the bottom, as if the stage is on fire. Wind machine is now on, floor has liquid ice. It’s all very Bond-looking. Again Conchita gets a big applause from the audience.

Third run: The opening is really set up to surprise people who don’t know that Conchita has a beard, though local commentators might spoil this surprise. The LEDs in the floor make the dry ice appear as if it’s on fire. Conchita has appeared very confident at every run through and her vocals are really impressive.


Good morning and welcome to the live report, live from the press center at Eurovision Island!

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