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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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LIVE REPORT: Day 5, second rehearsals

LIVE REPORT: Day 5, second rehearsals

| On 02, May 2014

Welcome to day 5, the second rehearsals,
Semi-Final 1!

We are reporting live from the venue, B&W Hallerne!



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19:35 – 19:55: Hungary

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First run: András gave a good vocal performance, but he seemed like he was holding back with the visual aspect. His dancers were doing a great job though. He might simply be shy for the first time with a live audience.

Second run: András gave a better performance both vocally and visually. He appeared more comfortable onstage and engaged more with the audience. When his run was over, he looked a bit unhappy though.

Third run: András gave the best vocal performance of the night and gave his all for the visual part of it. He looks like he was meant for the stage now.



19:10 – 19:30: Montenegro 

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First run: Sergej had a very powerful voice and sounded timeless. The ice skater was back, skating the entire stage. Sergej remained still in the center of the stage, and is joined by his three backup singers at the end of the song.

Second run: Sergej gave another solid performance. Nothing changed and it went as planned.

Third run: The third performance was the strongest of the day. Sergej got really engaged in the song. He thanked the audience when he was done each run.



18:45 – 19:05: The Netherlands 

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First run: Ilse and Waylon had a really intimate performance. The floor lit up as a road as they sung and the camera was almost entirely onstage to create a more intimate effect. They were vocally strong and the song was believable that they were singing to one another.

Second run: The second time around was pretty identical to the first. Nothing new with this one.

Third run: Ilse and Waylon were three for three. They were vocally capable in all runs and made for emotional performances.



18:20 – 18:40: Portugal 

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First run: Suzy came out with a burst of energy. Her dancers now beat light-up drums. She is now wearing a black sequin dress and has her two dancers, two backup singer, and her drummer in tribal paint. The venue is alive with this song and she sings it right on key.

Second run: Suzy had another amazing performance and brought the venue alive. After, the stage manager tested a see-through nude and red short dress after. Will she wear that in live show?

Third run: Suzy had a rough start in the beginning of the run, when the music went out early on. She restarted and gave an amazing performance, both visually and vocally.



17:00 – 17:20: San Marino 

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First run: Valentina appears on a gold glittery platform in front white scallop-shaped curtains. On the left runway, there is a piano and pianist, while on the right runway, there are four backup singers. Valentina sings the song extremely well and engages it emotionally. You can hear her professional training in her singing.

Second run: Everything remained the same, except the wind machine was turned down per Valentina’s request. She sang great.

Third run: Her third run was just as good as her past two. She thanked the audience after each run of her song.



16:35 – 16:55: Moldova 

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First run: Cristina Scarlat is in full costume: a blue dress with gold armora. Her dancers had an energetic routine that left a lot of excitement onstage. Cristina sang well, and managed to better her prononciation. Towards the end of the performance, Cristina rips her hair off.

Second run: Cristina sang even better than the first run. She seems more invested in the song this time around. She thanked the audience after her performance.

Third run: Cristina gave her all for the third run, appearing even more dramatic with the wind machine.



16:10 – 16:30: Belgium 

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First run: Axel sounds great vocally as usual, and you can hear his classicial training come through. His “mother” dancer does the usual routine in the background. Axel engages well with the camera, but is a little shy with the audience.

Second run: Axel performed well and was spot on in his routine.

Third run: Axel engaged audience even more and sang extra well. He thanked the audience after his performance.



15:45 – 16:05: Ukraine 

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First run: Mariya sang amazingly as she did her routine with her dancer and the hamster wheel. She was in a presumed costume: dark grey and black dress/pants with crystals. She sang flawlessly and appeared very connected to the song and performance, providing charisma to the audience and camera.

Second run: Mariya and her dancer gave another perfectly-rehearsed performance. She remained energetic and didn’t miss the chance to attract the cameras.

Third run: Mariya and her dancer seem to have given an extra jolt of energy to their final perfomance of the dance. Everything else was the same.



15:20 – 15:40: Azerbaijan

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First run: Dilara sang with no problems and the dancer in the air did the planned routine. A change from the first rehearsal is an added background of crystals near the end of the song. Dilara sang perfectly. Today she was in her assumed outfit for the live show: a beautiful, sparkling red dress.

Second run: The performance and singing remained the same and were flawless. A powerful song for television audience and venue.

Third run: Dilara and her dancer performed excellently and by plan.



14:30 – 14:50: Russia

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First run: The sisters were in full costume. White dresses and pillbox hats that fit them well. They started out with two long ponytails that were attached, that were separated during the first chorus. From then, they went to the sides of the seesaw and went up and down. After each stepping off, Rui Andrade opened a scallop-shaped curtain on top of the seesaw and the girls sang in front of it. They sang very well live and had charisma for the camera.

Second run: The sisters did everything the same and sounded great again. No hitches in the performance and everything went as planned.

Third run: Everything was the same again. Oddly, the pyro from the first rehearsal was missing today.



14:05 – 14:25: Albania 

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First run: Hersi sang great and her performance was really interesting. She was on a platform in the center of the stage and was in a golden dress. She emotionally connected to the song and it made for a passionate performance.

Second run: Hersi sang perfectly again. Everything went as planned and it seemed effortless for her.

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Third run: Hersi was same as the past two runs and it seemed easy as pie for her!



13:40 – 14:00: Iceland 

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First run: Pollapönk is back with their colorful outfits. They had a very lively performance and sang their usual confident way. They ended the song by spelling the word “Love” with their arms.

Second run: Everything happened in the same way and the guys sang well and gave a great performance.

Third run: The guys were great and lively even with their lst rehearsal of the day. Nothing changed and they were great in all respects live.



13:15 – 13:35: Sweden 

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First run: Sanna sang flawlessly and the lighting effects during the performance were powerful in the arena. The end with lights going into the disco ball was very intense.

Second run: Not much to say. Sanna was great vocally as usual and the performance was good.

Third run: Sanna sang the first chorus a little differently than before, but otherwise, everything else was the same.



12:50 – 13:10: Estonia 

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First run: Tanja performed the same dance routine as the national finals and the first rehearsals. She was flawless in vocals as she performed the dance. A true song for the venue and left a great feel after.

Second run: In the beginning the floor was lit up with staging directions instead of the background. Tanja danced and sang the same as usual, except for a moment when she adjusted her microphone pack under her shirt. At the end of the song, her pack fell out and she stopped singing for a moment.

Third run: Tanja was flawless vocally and physically, with no problems onstage.



12:25 – 12:45: Latvia 

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First run: First verse was sung ok. Joran started out on the runway and worked his way to the center of the stage. When the chorus started, the microphone in the stand wouldn’t stay in plce, prompting a stop.

Second run: Things ran more smoothly. Joran started at runway again and joined his other three band members at the center of the stage. They all sang happily. All four members went to the runway for the second chorus and then came back to the center of stage for the bridge and final chorus. Leaves a happy impression.

Third run: It was smooth sailing for Aazemnieki. They sang even better and had great charisma with the camera as they performed. The staging remained the same as previously.

Fourth run: Everything went smoothly and the same as before. No surprises or pyro, and left a happy feel in arena after.



12:00 – 12:20: Armenia

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First run: Aram Mp3 is now using a handheld microphone, instead of the headset microphone that he used in the first rehearsals. He sang perfectly as usual. The stage exploded with color when the climax of the song hit, making for quite an impression in the venue.

Second run: The instrumental was met with a piercing sound in the beginning, causing the song to be paused. Aram sang well once again and the performance remained the same. He looks emotionally invested in the song.

Third run: Aram warmed his voice up before the song began and then fire onstage was tested. Vocally, the song was the same, as well as the background. About halfway through the song, when the beat picks up, the stage was covered with fire, creating an intense effect.



Good morning and welcome to the live report, live from the venue B&W Hallerne on Eurovision Island!

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