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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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LIVE REPORT: Day 6, second rehearsals

LIVE REPORT: Day 6, second rehearsals

| On 03, May 2014

Welcome to day 6, the second rehearsals,
Semi-Final 2!

We are reporting live from the venue, B&W Hallerne!

Rehearsals start at 12:00 CET.



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19:10 – 19:30: Romania

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First run: The first run was a little delayed in starting, but once it did start, it went on without a hitch. The two sang well and looked like they hd fun onstage. Paula was wearing her costume: a silver-glitter black dress.

Second run: Paula & Ovi sang better this time around. Also, their stage performance was better. They seemed to connect better with the audience. In one of the choruses, there was a loud bang in the arena.

Third run: Vocally and visually, this was their best performance of the day. Also added was wind and fire at different intervals of the song.



18:45 – 19:05: Slovenia

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First run: Tinkara came out with an amazing performance. She had great vocals and she engaged the camera well. She wears the same blue dress that she wore in the first rehearsal.

Second run: Second run was as good as the first. Tinkara is a true professional.

Third run: Tnkara gave her all and had a great performance like her previous two runs.



18:20 – 18:40: Greece

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First run: The guys came out and gave an energetic performance. They once again used the trampoline along with the dancer at the end of the song. The Greek members of the audience of course loved it and make a lot of noise and jumped up and down.

Second run: The performance was energetic like the first and was better vocally. Other than that, no changes from the first run.

Third run: The final run was as good as the previous two. The trampoline works well for a party feel in the arena, but who knows how it will translate on television screens.



17:00 – 17:20: Switzerland

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First run: Sebalter came up with a burst of energy. He was vocally good and made the stage come alive. Near the end of the song, he went to the stage left runway and played his fiddle and beat some drums.

Second run: Identical to the first. Lots of energy.

Third run: The pyro in the beginning of the song from the first rehearsals must have been cut from the performance. Sebalter gives a great performance.



16:35 – 16:55: Macedonia

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First run: Tijana is in costume: a blank tuxedo with white trim. The dancer is in a white hoodie and white pants. Thankfully, Tijana was looking really happy onstage and really engaged in the performance today, unlike the first rehearsals. The song gave a great feel afterward.

Second run: Tijana gave another solid performance and sang well overall. She seemed to be really getting into the performance this time, making for an enjoyable experience.

Third run: Tijana gave her best visual and vocal performance in the final run. She gave an extra burst of energy.



16:10 – 16:30: Belarus

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First run: The background has been changed to a type of sound level visualization. Warm colors for the verses and cold colors for the choruses. Teo remained pretty dedicated to his vocals and his performance.

Second run: The background remained the same. Teo was better at his vocals and seemed more interested in his performance than the first run.

Third run: Teo was cut off in the first verse by the music abruptly stopping. He make a joke out of it and continued to see for a few lines. After the restart, Teo gave his best performance and vocals of the day.



15:45 – 16:05: Ireland

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First run: Kasey is singing a lot better than she did in the first rehearsal and looks like she is more engaged in the performance. She is wearing a golden dress with a long train. There is a golden background with Celtic-inspired symbols.

Second run: The performance was essentially the same except for the fake that the golden background was turned off at the last chorus so the further background of waves and water could be revealed.

Third run: The performance remained the same, except Kasey sounded a bit off in the midle of the song. The background change from the second run was done once again.



15:20 – 15:40: Finland

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First run: Softengine is doing a great job onstage. They are vocally on key and having having a great time performing.

Second run: The guys did a flawless performance again. The lights are great for the song.

Third run: The band did a three for three good job. No errors or diversions from the plan.



14:30 – 14:50: Lithuania

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First run: Vilija gave a flawless dance performance, but her voice had some shaky moments. The turquoise background from the first rehearsal was used again. The backup singers are in strange-shaped black and teal outfits with large shoulder pads, arm gloves, and a sheet in the front. The dancer is in black leather and Vilija is in a teal and black dress/tutu.

Second run: The dancing was just as good, but the vocals improved the second time around.

Third run: Vilija sang the best and the dancing was consistent. Great performance of the song.



14:05 – 14:25: Austria

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First run: The arena is packed with press. Conchita sings amazingly and the background is fire-inspired images. No backup singers or dancers onstage.

Second run: Conchita sang just as well and this time, the end was met with exploding pyro across the stage.

Third run: Fog was introduced in the performance. Right before the first chorus, the music abruptly stopped, prompting them to restart. No hitches after that though. Instead of the explosive pyro at the end, flames were used instead.



13:40 – 14:00: Poland

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First run: Cleo gave an energetic performance with great dancing. On the stage right runway, a girl was washing a shirt on a washboard and on stage left, a girl was churning butter. The vocals were great as usual and left a great impression in venue.

Second run: Cleo was the same and excellent. Nothing changed in the performance.

Third run: The performance was the best of the three and the audience went crazy for it.



13:15 – 13:35: Georgia

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First run: The Shin & Mariko gave a passionate performance and gave their all. The vocals were great. They were joined onstage from a drummer with a large parachute on. The background starts out with images of space, then clouds, sea, and concludes with the image of a field.

Second run: The performance stayed the same and the vocals were good again. Mariko connected more with the camera this time.

Third run: Everything went smoothly and the same, except the vocals were even better.



12:50 – 13:10: Norway

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First run: Carl started off with a pianist onstage. He appeared vocally uncomfortable at first, but got better as the song progressed. After the first chorus, he was joined by four female violin players behind him on a black, sparkly, elevated platform.

Second run: The performance was the same but the vocals were better than the first run.

Third run: Carl sang the best the third time around. Fog was introduced in the performance.



12:25 – 12:45: Israel

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First run: Mei gave an amazing performance. She and her dancers did a great job and she sang powerfully the entire time. She is in a black dress with the thigh area open. Her dancers came from both runways and met her in the middle in the middle of the song. The song ended on the stage right runway.

Second run: Mei gave another consistent performance, vocally and visually. The dancing is great for the song.

Third run: Mei gave another explosive performance. She was consistent with all three runs in all aspects.



12:00 – 12:20: Malta

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First run: Firelight provided an energetic performance with good vocals to begin the day. The stage was covered with crates and the selfie background was in full effect.

Second run: The crates have been removed from the stage. The band performed without them. They were the same vocally and gave their all.

Third run: Still no crates. The band performed solidly and with passion. The vocals were great.



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