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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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LIVE REPORT: Day 9, open rehearsals of the Big 5 and Denmark

LIVE REPORT: Day 9, open rehearsals of the Big 5 and Denmark

| On 06, May 2014

Welcome to day 9, the second rehearsals,
Big 5 and Denmark

We are reporting live from the venue, B&W Hallerne!

Rehearsals start at 10:30 CET.


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10:30 – 10:50 Germany

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First run: After about five seconds, the music was abruptly stopped. After the song restarted, Elaiza came out with a bunch of energy and the vocals were really good. The background was a compilation of images of curtains and chairs. The further background had images of circus tents with strings of lights. Ela, the lead singer, is wearing a black shirt with a black-and-white top.

Second run: The entire arena was filled with a strange metallic sound from the start of the run. Elaiza was noticeably distracted by it in the first verse, but they fixed it pretty quickly.

Third run: Vocally, Elaiza as consistent. This time around featured streamers exploding from the back of the stage at the start of the first chorus. Also, streamers exploded from all areas of the stage at the start of the final chorus. After their rehearsal, it took a lot of crew a long time to clean up the streamers, some even using pool cleaning nets to clean the onstage water.

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10:55 – 11:15 United Kingdom

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First run: Molly is wearing gold. Onstage, she has a drummer and four backup singers. Throughout the performance, the background ranged from white sparkles to red sparkles to paper lanterns. Molly was good vocally and gave a passionate performance.

Second run: Molly sang half of each verse, before stopping and lipsyncing. She explained after that she was saving her voice.

Third run: Molly sang her best and gave a consistent performance. The pyro rain from the first rehearsal is still planned, but was omitted this time around because of the streamers from Germany.



11:20 – 11:40 France

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First run: Right before France took the stage, the press was kicked out of the arena for undisclosed reasons. Upon returning to the press center, France was performing. Staff had no idea why we were kicked out. A lucky few heard an announcement was made saying there was a small explosion at a hot dog stand outside the arena, and that was why the press had to leave. But why were the crew and France not evacuated also?

Second run: Press was allowed to return during their second run. There was a music error in the first few seconds of the song, but after it restarted, Twin Twin gave an energetic performnce, but sounded winded and flat for a lot of the verses.

Third run: Twin Twin sounded a lot better and gave an even better performance than before.



11:45 – 12:05 Denmark

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First run: Basim gave an active performance and sounded his usual self. He and his dancers were clad in tuxedos and suits as usual.

Second run: The performance was consistent and nothing changed.

Third run: The performance and vocals were the same as before. At the start of the last chorus, a gigantic banner of Basim with a heart and the word “Love” was dropped. At the end of the song, the banner was dropped to the floor.



12:10 – 12:30 Italy

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First run: Emma and her band were dressed in white with gold accents. The background ranged from X’s an O’s to videos of Emma singing along with her song. She gave a good vocal performance and used the stage well, even using both runways.

Second run: Performance and vocals were consistent.

Third run: Everything went as planned. Emma is a true professional.



12:35 – 12:55 Spain

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First run: Ruth gave an outstanding vocal performance. She hit every note perfectly. She remained still in the center of the stage as sound effects of rain began the song. Rain graphics were used as the background. She was wearing a white, sparkly, see-through dress.

Second run: Ruth gave another flawless performance.

Third run: Ruth was three for three. All runs were perfect.



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