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ESC Reporter | December 17, 2017

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Low-cost budget approved for Eurovision 2016

Low-cost budget approved for Eurovision 2016
Alvaro Sanabria

The cost of the production of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 could be one of the least expensive of the 2000’s era.

According to, a maximum amount of 125 million Swedish kronor (about 13 million euros) has been approved.


Professional at lower cost

SVT also invested 125 million Swedish kronor in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, held in Malmö, in an ambition to show that the contest can be done professionally at a lower cost. This was in response to the obscene amount spent by Azerbaijan in 2012, at roughly 60 million euros. In 2014, the Danish budget exploded and ultimately hit 48 million euros, three times the budget estimate.

Next year’s contest in Stockholm will attempt to once again show what can be done with a lower budget.

“We are confident that we can make a great show with this budget,” commented SVT’s program director Safa Safiyari.


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