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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Lviv, the Ukrainian viewers' choice for Eurovision 2017 host city

Lviv, the Ukrainian viewers’ choice for Eurovision 2017 host city
Eric Nocito

Viewers of the show Tyzhden’ on TV-channel TSN were asked to participate in a poll regarding which city should play host to Eurovision 2017. 

Currently, five cities throughout Ukraine have shown interest in hosting Eurovision 2017.  

Surprisingly, the western Ukrainian city of Lviv was the clear favorite at 44 percent. Coming in second was the capital Kyiv at 21 percent, followed by Odesa at 8 percent, Dnipropetrovsk at 5 percent, and Kherson at 2 percent.

One of the top comments of the poll, by Maxym Tonik, stated,”[Have Eurovision] In L’viv, so that all eyes can see the truth of the Bandera. A tourist from the Russian Federation will have the opportunity to debunk the myth about “fascist fears.” The Bandera movement is one originating to the time of World War II by Stepan Bandera. Russian media has equated Bandera followers to neo-Nazis in recent years.  



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