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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Malmö no longer bidding to host Eurovision 2016

Malmö no longer bidding to host Eurovision 2016
  • On June 11, 2015

The host city race in Sweden for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is still on-going.

Today, it was revealed that the 2013 host city Malmö will not be able to host and has to drop out of the race.


“Of course we are interested”

The head of Malmö tourism, Johan Hermansson, had recently denied rumors that Malmö was not bidding to host Eurovision and that the city was interested in hosting the big event.

“Of course we are interested,” he said to Malmö Lokaltidningen.


Fully booked

Unfortunately, it has proven impossible for Malmö Arena to clear its schedule for the required four to six weeks demanded by the Eurovision preparations and rehearsals. This was reported by local site

Particularly, it is the matches of local hockey team Malmö Redhawks and the large horse show Apassionata which have come in the way of Malmö’s Eurovision plans. Additionally, several conferences have also already been booked.


Have to honor agreements

“One thing is wanting to and another is being able to. Just like everybody else we love Eurovision, but we also have to honor the agreements that we have already made if we want to be considered a serious event partner,” said Karin Mårtensson to

Johan Hermansson believes many will be disappointed, but also highlights the fact that the city should be proud to host so many events. “Maybe if we move Eurovision to the fall,” he joked.


Decision within weeks

A few days ago, Christer Björkman of SVT stated that the national broadcaster still has a few more weeks left of the host city decision process. An announcement is expected no later than August 31.

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