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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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Maria Elena Kyriakou performs in the final of The Voice of Greece

Maria Elena Kyriakou performs in the final of The Voice of Greece
George Dalakouras

On Sunday, the final of the talent show The Voice of Greece 2 aired live.

While the voting lines were open, Maria Elena Kyriakou, the winner of The Voice of Greece 1 and the Greek representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 performed a remix of her entry “One Last Breath.


DJ produced

The new remix was produced by Themis Georgantas, a popular host and DJ. The new version aims to become the ultimate summer hit in Greece. Maria Elena sang live and once again, she got to show everyone the strength of her voice.



Forget about the bad moments

After her performance, Maria Elena Kyriakou was asked about her life after winning The Voice, mentioning Eurovision as well. She said that she has met amazing people and is so happy that she managed to participate in the contest. She will forget about the bad moments, including the less than impressive result. In Vienna, Greece ended up placing 19th with 23 points.

Maria Elena further talked about her summer plans, interviews and photoshoots.


Despinda Vandi’s comment to Maria Elena

But Maria Elena’s former Voice coach, Despina Vandi, had a somewhat harsh comment:

“I can see Maria Elena has changed a lot. Last year, she was just a shy child, always looking at the floor, and recently, she has started flying on stage. She’s so expressive and with an amazing voice. However, I have to mention that “The Voice of Greece” can only find the talented people. It cannot always bring a career. A career needs a lot work. It’s nice photoshooting, but you need to find your own way in the music industry. I wish you good luck. I want you to be happy. I heard you saying that you’ll keep the beautiful moments. Maria Elena, you’re in the real world. You’ll have many bad moments, but music and your love for it has to keep you going and continue to manage many things”

Maria Elena continued smiling but many have mentioned that she might have been a little sad. Below you can find the interview and the comments (only in Greek).



The winner of The Voice of Greece 2

The show found a winner and a Greek artist managed to beat a Cypriot. Kostas Ageris came in first place and according to the daily talking show To Proino, he won by a large margin. Kostas Ageris plays a traditional instrument, the lyra, and his voice can capture everyone. Will kostas Ageris follow Maria’s Elena steps to Eurovision? You can check out his brand-new song below.


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