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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Meet Finland's Eurovision hopefuls!

Meet Finland’s Eurovision hopefuls!
Iain Cameron

Today the Finnish national broadcaster, YLE, has introduced the 18 acts that will take part in UMK 2015!

The selection process to determine who will fly the flag for Finland will consist of three semi-finals (February 7, 14, and 21) and a final (February 28) hosted by Rakel Liekki and Roope Salminen. The shows will be broadcast live online on the YLE website from 20:00 CET. You can listen to all of the tracks on Spotify and watch their preview videos here.


The hopefuls and their song titles are as follows:


  • Aikuinen – Kyynelten lahti
  • Angelo De Nile – All for Victory
  • Eeverest – Love It All Away
  • Hans On The Bass – Loveshine
  • Heidi Pakarinen – Bon Voyage
  • Ida Bois – Kumbaya
  • Jouni Aslak – Lions and Lambs
  • Järjestyshäiriö – Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla
  • Norlan El Misionario – No Voy A Ilorar Por Ti
  • Opera Skaala – Heart of Light
  • Otto Ivar – Truth or Dare
  • Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – Aina mun pitää
  • Pihka ja myrsky – Sydän ei nuku
  • Satin Circus – Crossroads
  • Shava – Ostarilla
  • Siru – Mustelmat
  • Solju – Hold Your Colours
  • Vilikasper Kanth – Äänenkantamattomiin


This year the voting system used during UMK has changed. There is to be no jury so there will be televote only. All funds raised are being donated to charity.

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