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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Melodifestivalen changes: Fewer songs to compete in 2015

Melodifestivalen changes: Fewer songs to compete in 2015
  • On September 13, 2014

After 13 editions of the biggest national selection show in Europe without significant changes, the Swedish Melodifestivalen is about to be rewired.

Swedish publication Aftonbladet can reveal this today.


From failure to success

The story runs with a pretty harsh headline, saying “From failure to success,” but Swedish national broadcaster SVT has had to realize that after the many complaints over the 2014 edition of the show, things need to change. Especially considering the drop of 800.000 viewers of the otherwise hugely popular show, making it the worst since 1999.

In Sweden, Melodifestivalen is an even bigger event than Eurovision itself. While Sanna Nielsen came third in Copenhagen, with many of her Swedish predecessors doing similarly well in recent years, including a win in 2012, the Eurovision result is besides the point to SVT. The show needs to remain the most popular as it has been for years.


New organization, fewer songs

According to a source that Aftonbladet spoke to, one of the big changes will be a reduction in the amount of songs competing. The amount of shows will remain the same, four semi-finals, one second-chance show, and a big final. But, each semi-final will only contain seven songs, versus eight in previous years. That reduces the total amount of songs from 32 to 28.

The source says, however, that it is not meant to reduce the schlager. Instead, it is simply a way to improve the flow and entertainment value of each show.

The paper also states that the organization surrounding Melodifestivalen will see big changes. It is unknown if Mr. Melodifestivalen himself, Christer Björkman, will remain in place at the top.


Like to vote

Another change will come to the voting system. It is a possibility that a Melodifestivalen app will be launched, with a “like” button featured to press during a songs performance. This could then be translated into votes, depending on how many likes a song gets. Whether this will replace the SMS-voting is uncertain.


An official announcement from SVT is expected sometime after the Swedish parliamentary elections tomorrow. In previous years, the participating artists have usually been revealed in November.


Source: Aftonbladet

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