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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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More information on the Copenhagen Eurovision plans

More information on the Copenhagen Eurovision plans
  • On January 25, 2014

While the allocation draw did not reveal anything new, besides confirming the location of Eurovision Village, the Host City Copenhagen company run by tourism organization Wonderful Copenhagen today revealed more plans about Eurovision in Copenhagen to



Eurovision Village in the heart of Copenhagen

As reported back in September, the events will be created from three main themes: Children and youth, sustainable green solutions, and lifestyle and tolerance.

In the video shown by Wonderful Copenhagen at the allocation draw, Eurovision Village is confirmed to be located at the two joined squares Gammeltorv and Nytorv in the heart of Copenhagen, right in the middle of the Fan Mile. Just down the street from the village is the Euro Fan Café.

As usual, the live shows will be shown on large screens at Eurovision Village, for the public to watch, and should be full of performances by Eurovision stars.


Food, water, and bikes

Under the theme of sustainability, an area with food will be set up to promote the high quality that Copenhagen is known for, having several Michelin star restaurants. A water bar will also be set up, for everyone to refill and taste the clean water. This was also seen at the press center in Malmö, where the clean tap water of Malmö was available.

To show a green form of transportation, the village will have city bikes. A new city bike system is in the implementation phase, so it might not be that easy to get a hold of a city bike.


Get married in the streets of Copenhagen

In keeping with the tolerance theme, the city of Copenhagen will be offering to perform marriages for anyone who wants to tie the knot, gay or straight. “If you realize in the morning that you want to get married, you can be the same day,” says Ulrik Ammundsen of Host City Copenhagen to The ceremonies will take place on the Fan Mile.


Pride Square

The lifestyle and tolerance continues at the Vartov building behind Copenhagen City Hall. Embracing the gay community, the Copenhagen Pride organization plans to transform the small square behind City Hall Square into a Pride Square full of activities.

This square is currently in the process of being named after someone or something important to the gay community, though the politicians at city hall can’t seem to agree on who or what.


Promotion for other cities

It is not just Copenhagen that will get the opportunity to promote itself during Eurovision. Walking down the Fan Mile, you will be able to see promotion from the neighbors in Malmö, the Eurovision-happy city Hamburg, a shout out from Sydney, and Beijing, apparently because Emmelie de Forest is seeing some success there.

Additionally, the other 3 largest cities in Denmark, Aarhus, Odense, and Aalborg will be getting some attention they missed out on. All of this is being done to make sure this Eurovision will not be an event exclusive to Copenhagen.



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