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ESC Reporter | December 17, 2017

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Nano and Ace Wilder to the Final for Melodifestivalen 2017

Nano and Ace Wilder  to the Final for Melodifestivalen 2017
Kevin Lee

Tonight Sweden began their search for the act to represent the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. The show emanated live from the second largest city of Göteborg. 

Seven acts competed to move on to the final in Stockholm, or to the second chance round in Linköping. 

Direct to the Finals 

Nano - Hold On

Being placed in the 7th position was first time Melodifestivalen artist Nano with Hold On, and boy did he deliver, from lyrics, to song production, and to the staging. This song seemed to work on many levels, and the message of hope proved to be very powerful. Nano has gone from unknown to being a favourite to win the contest. Will he be able to Hold On to the Nano-mentum and be unstoppable as Mello continues on?

Ace Wilder - Wild Child

As per the last two outings, Ace Wilder easily advanced direct to the finals. Wild Child seems to be a very introspective look into the life of Ace want to break free. Clearly Ace relates very well the lyrics, and there wasn't a heightened production like with her last entry Don't Worry, which meant she could relax and enjoy the number. Could the third time be a charm for Ace?

Going to Second Chance  

Boris René - Her Kiss 

The show opener was Boris René returning to the Mello stage with Her Kiss. Last year he had something to prove, being a footballer turned musical artist, which he nailed with Put Your Love On Me. Now back, and more refined than last year, Boris proves again that he belongs on the stage as much as the football pitch. Acts who advance to Andra Chansen this early usually has a better advantage, so will we see Boris advance again to the final?

De Vet Du (You Know It) - Road Trip

YouTube stars De Vet Du's debuted on the Mello stage with the fun comedy number/club hit number Road Trip. A boy band that nails all the stereotypes, succeed in bringing smiles to everyone's faces. This will give the group an even bigger fan base, and the sky is the limit where these guys can go with their schtick with more fans, possibly to the finals of Mello. 

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