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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Odesa's bid to host Eurovision 2017 in jeopardy

Odesa’s bid to host Eurovision 2017 in jeopardy

| On 13, Aug 2016

The district administative court has banned the “Odesa Pride” march in Odesa. This could deemed as a bad omen for Odesa hosting Eurovision 2017.

Eurovision has a dedicated LGBTQ audience and when Eurovision comes to town, so does the idea of acceptance and equality for everyone. Odesa’s government being intolerant toward this demographic could spell trouble.

"A LGBT parade, which took place in Kyiv in June. It was indicative of an action by the European Union. Odesa is away from the capital and there is a conservative electorate that you can see in the judgment of the court," said Andrey Zolotarev, political expert.

“The court's decision is unconstitutional, because all citizens have the right to free expression. Moreover, it is a clear signal to Odesa. The Eurovision Song Contest, which is sensitive to issues of discrimination, may not be held there. Local authorities simply count how much they will spend for Eurovision, but the prohibition court disowned even the very idea of ​​competition in the city,” said Alexey Yakubin, political analyst. 

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